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    Name Your Issue/concern/problem With ipad2!

    Very helpful indeed
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    Speakers to travel with ?

    We're thinking into adding some speakers to our inventory, its nice to see everyone's point of view on different type of speakers!
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    Camera Kit not recognized?

    Hopefully you've resolved this problem already :)
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    Do you know what is this?

    hm interesting!
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    Lightest smart cover and back protector?

    Try maybe checking out our covers, we might have something you'd be interesting in :)
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    The CrokCase - Made from eco-friendly crocodile leather!

    Yes, we have a nice selection of cases on our site. Check it out!
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    spanish sim card

    Maybe try buying it here? Spain SIM Card with Flat Rate Mobile Internet $49.90
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    Chrome App problem

    Try re-intalling the app, and turning your ipad on and off?
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    ipad in Europe

    I dont think there will be a problem :)
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    I would go with what MattIM said :)
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    Whatsapp problem

    you might need to jail brake your ipad to be able to download whats app!
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    Help with sound

    Glad you figured it out!:)
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    How does backup work

    Glad you figured it out! :)
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    Try maybe turning your ipad off and on and then reintalling the app? Hopefully that'll work :)
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    Can't transfer music from iPad to computer

    You can try connecting your ipad to iTunes? Maybe that'll help! :)
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    How can I block ads?

    You can download Google Chrome. After that you can google Adblock extension and install it on your browser. It'll block ads all over the web, as long as youre using google chrome. Hopefully that helps!:)
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    Books app question

    Maybe try deleteing the iBook app and re-installing it? Maybe that'll help!:)
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    Apps wont download on ipad2

    Maybe the upgrade takes too much space? depending on the size of the files, the sync or download process can take up to 3x of free space than the actual size.Try to create more free space by removing large files like movies or music, you can sync those back again later. Hopefully that'll solve it!:)
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    Gaming Controller for iPad 2?

    I had no idea about the "game x" app. I'm definitely trying that out!
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    iPad Charger Broken!

    I agree with everyone above:) i think it'd be better if you purchases a new one and avoided the hassle of trying to fix it without being sure if it'd even be completely fixed.
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    Is there an alternate way to get back an app you deleted?

    Glad you got the problem resolved! :)
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    Looking for best iPad Folio case for Business

    Hi, I see you're looking for an iPad Folio case for Business. We have a few options that you should take in consideration. We have a Brief-Case cover, CrokCase cover, and many more in our luxury category. Come check us out, maybe we have what you're looking for! :)
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    Phone call ipad 2

    " if you are in the US then google voice is free. 1) set-up a Google Voice account - its free2) Download the talkatone app - also free. 3) set-up talktaone to make calls from googletalk and login with your google account. Turn on notifications and you'll receive calls and can make calls through...
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    Apps on ipad2 wont open

    You might need to reset it, if that doesn't work then I recommend deleting the apps and re-installing them. Hope it gets fixed! :)
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    iPad Case Gallery

    We have a variety of good choices in which you can protect your Ipad 2 with. We have from luxury covers to hard covers all at a good price!
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    iPad 2 help! 3G or not?

    I recommend the iPad 2 WiFi and not with 3G, since there isn't a way to avoid a 3G bill. If you fear not having WiFi when you travel, you always have the option to get free WiFi from places like McDonald's, Hotels, Restaurants and you can save yourself the monthly bill. Either way, I hope you...
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    New Apple Smartcover

    Check out the IntelliCase at our store which is similar and costs a lot less. :)
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    iPad waterproof case...

    We're thinking about adding a waterproof case to our product line. Check our store soon! :)
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    Help! Youtube videos won't play

    Hopefully you figured it out by now. :)
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    The CrokCase - Made from eco-friendly crocodile leather!

    Comes in 8 amazing colors! Currently on sale for $64.95, but members get an exclusive 10% off by using promotional code: IPADFORUMS10OFF during checkout. Check out the product page by clicking on the following link:
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    Ipad 2 cases

    Check out the link in my signature for the member preferred iPad 2 accessories shop!
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    What are the accessories you use the most?

    Awesome info.. Keep it coming!
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    Exclusive Discount Codes for members

    Just updated thread with a current promotional code!
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    Introducing the Red Carbon Fiber Case for the iPad 2

    Greetings members! This is our latest addition to our Carbon Fiber line of iPad 2 Cases. After many requests, we've finally released the Carbon Fiber case in RED. It is currently being sold for $47.99 on our website, but members get an exclusive 10% discount by...
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    New Ipad Cases

    We'll have some amazing cases in stock within 2 weeks!
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    So which is it? iPad 3 or New iPad?

    Which do you think will catch on? The "iPad 3" or "New iPad"?
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    Dragonvale Tips & Tricks! (NO Friend Requests!)

    This game is real fun... enjoying it!
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    best ipad 2 cases ?

    Which cases do you consider to be the best for the iPad 2? Those made of leather, polyurethane, or some other material?