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    Spreadsheets on iPad

    Yes this app will rotate the text. Thanks! But I need an app that can do this off-line.
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    Spreadsheets on iPad

    Thanks for your response giradman. I've tried Numbers as well as other apps including Smart Office 2, Quickoffice and Office2 HD. none of them allow text rotation in cells.
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    Spreadsheets on iPad

    Anyone know of an Excel compatible spreadsheet app for iPad that allows text rotation within cells? I need this for some work I'm doing and would love to be able to move from my laptop to iPad but so far haven't found anything that allows this. Thanks
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    I´m pulling my hair out! Please help!i -- IPad connection problems

    Have you checked to make sure the iPad is not set to sync with iCloud? If it is then it won't show up in ITunes.