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  1. Rog

    Another NEWBY question

    Update this looks like an easy fix for previous AirPrint users: How To: Enable AirPrint on Windows (32/64Bit) with iOS 5.x Support - MacRumors Forums
  2. Rog

    Another NEWBY question

    There is a program AirPrint, that could be installed on a windows pc that would allow printing on just about any shared locally networked printer. It was officially broken with the introduction of iOS 5. I just revisited this and discovered someone had found a workaround. I just fixed mine and...
  3. Rog

    Ipad 2 smart cover is horrible!

    I'm surprised you had to purchase it to figure that out. Your iPad is still cool though.
  4. Rog

    Problem with pages - westlaw

    Have you tried the Westlaw app?
  5. Rog

    Really Big Icons

    Sounds like a an accessibility feature. Try double tapping with three fingers.
  6. Rog


    Probably in iPod app under podcasts.
  7. Rog

    Real noob mistake

    Yes, I'd google "iTunes refund".
  8. Rog

    The new iOS Lion

    Like most upgrades I think it boils down to personal opinion. Read about all of the 250+ features and decide for yourself. Without research you are setting yourself up for disappointment. After your research I'm sure you'll make the right choice.
  9. Rog

    iPad sd connector... How do I get it working again?

    The iPad camera kit works sweet.
  10. Rog

    FaceTime Question

    FaceTime with video is only available on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and apple laptops and computers with webcams.
  11. Rog

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    Why I don't jailbreak. I went thru the "changing all the icons" phase with windows 3.1. I went through the "changing and modifying the shell" with windows 95. I'm happy using it just as it was designed. I don't buy a car and put load pipes, shiny wheels or bumper stickers on it. I don't...
  12. Rog

    I am new here as well as to Apple

    If you can connect the HtC phone to your PC and it shows up as a drive with a DCIM folder that contains the photos you will not have to remove the sdcard. You just use the USB adapter that comes with the ipad camera kit and use it with the HtC's USB cable to import your photos.
  13. Rog

    I am new here as well as to Apple

    You could use the iPad camera kit to import photos from the iPhone to the iPad.
  14. Rog

    iOS has security problem?

    That's probably the built-in hole that allows the US government to spy on all iOS users. Why worry about it, we've got nothing to hide........right?
  15. Rog

    Flash & silverlight

    The short answer is no. I use the xfinity app.
  16. Rog

    Screen Lock Button Won't Work on iPad I

    If you have the newest firmware there is only 2 ways to lock the rotation feature. See attachments. The first shows when you double click the home button. The second shows the setting to change the slide switch function from rotation lock to mute.
  17. Rog

    Camera conversion kit USB

    If iPads with JB have access to the file system maybe they can access the sdcard via the camera kit. I think there is a discussion on this going on in the Jailbreak topic.
  18. Rog

    Camera conversion kit USB

    The camera kit was originally created for importing photos. I have just confirmed that you can format an SD card, add the DCIM folder, copy some photos to that folder and was able to import them to the iPad. Ive never heard of someone using this method to import just any old file to an iOS...
  19. Rog


    When I first began using my iPad with iTunes I did not have a credit card associated with it. I downloaded tons of free apps before getting an itunes card. When I custom ordered my Mac air I used a credit card. From then on I had a credit card on my itunes account. While making iTunes purchases...
  20. Rog


    When mine did that on my iPad I changed my credit card info to "none" and it stopped asking.
  21. Rog

    Does anyone know any good free games for ipad/ipod touch?

    Texas hold'em by Arawella is good and supports online play.
  22. Rog

    Online Poker App. Anyone know one?

    Been playing the Texas Hold'em app by Arawella It does online play and I think it's pretty good.
  23. Rog

    Connecting to internet via SMC router on iPad?

    If your provider uses pppoe you may need to log into your router and add your userid and password. DSL providers in my area use this method. If your iPad is connected to your router and you know the password I would suggest starting there. You may need specific info fro your provider.
  24. Rog

    Recommend Some Books - newbie

    Siddhartha is free on iBooks. One of my favorites.
  25. Rog

    How i can unlock my ipad tilting lock?!

    When the firmware revisions changed the function of the slide switch maybe users that upgraded while the rotate was locked had the problems.
  26. Rog

    How i can unlock my ipad tilting lock?!

    I've read some users had issues with the rotation lock with your firmware version. Why don't you try updating?
  27. Rog

    How i can unlock my ipad tilting lock?!

    When you use the slide switch by the volume rocker switch does it mute and unmute or lock and unlock the rotation? It will only do one or the other. Are you able to double-tap the home button and swipe right to see the lock rotation icon and iPod controls?
  28. Rog

    itunes says im stuck in dfu mode

    All may not be lost. I googled iPad stuck in dfu mode and it brought up a YouTube vid that claims to fix the problem. I involves downloading some firmware. I did not think it appropriate to post it here. I guess it's too late to to say try at your own risk. Let us know how it turns out. -rog
  29. Rog

    How i can unlock my ipad tilting lock?!

    Look at my attachments and make sure you looked in the correct places.
  30. Rog

    Youtube works fine on 3g connection but not on Wifi

    Many people have posted similar issues. In my experience it turns out to be a router setting. IOS devices seem to have issues with the "N" speed setting on some routers. You should download the free speedtest app and test the speed on your iPad. You should get at least 1 mbit download. I...
  31. Rog

    Ipad 2 owners, do you also have an ipad 1?

    Excerpt < I taught that Apple employee a lesson! > I bought my iPad 1 32gig 3g when it first came out and loved it. So much so that I purchased a Squaretrade warranty for my "precious". When the iPad 2 first came out I resisted at first. I loaned my iPad 1 to good friends that were going on...
  32. Rog

    Fullforse vs Retinapad?

    Amen Brother, I'm not a jailbreaker but that is my choice. One of the main reasons there are so many sweet apps for IOS is because the developers have an monetary incentive to create them. Please do not reward their efforts by ripping them off!
  33. Rog

    Camera lens closed

    Ron~, I'm trying to wrap my head around your issue. When you fire up the camera app on your iPad 2 the retina animation is stuck closed? Or is the screen black and the retina closes and opens making the camera sound?
  34. Rog

    Help with print activater

    No, print activator is installed on the PC the printer is connect to. Print activator installs and runs a service that allows the connected printer to be discoverable by the iPad's built-in printing function.
  35. Rog

    Colon and semicolon

    Steffen, Just tried your tip! Works great! Thanks for sharing. You earned some street cred with me.
  36. Rog

    Ipad ran over by car

    Maybe the customer has a squaretrade warranty that covers accidental damage. I had a 3 year for my ipad1.
  37. Rog

    SplashTop help please!

    After you get done changing the settings. You can test while at home by turning off wifi on your iPad, turning on 3G and trying to connect. Quoted from splashtop: Ignore the version stuff =================== To use this experimental feature, you must have a Gmail account. You must use...
  38. Rog

    SplashTop help please!

    Info, Just tried the free version of pocketcloud over 3G. Nice implementation of the mouse interface.
  39. Rog

    Help with print activater

    I vouch that it does work. I've installed print activiator for a few friends without issue. Here are a few thing to look out for if you continue with AirPrint. When printing from the iPad to print activiator the first time you'll need to supply a credential that includes a password. Blank...