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    Thoughts on the rumored iPad Pro 9.7?

    Ordered my 256GB 9.7 from Best Buy. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
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    iOS 8 Update Problems Include Failed Updates and Inability to Restore

    I will sit in my bunker, twenty fathoms below sea level and wait until others have tested :) I am happy with 7.1 anyway and see no need to rock the boat. Might not update for several months to give devs time to update my hundreds of apps. There are still some games of mine that do not work...
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    Terrible battery life.

    I upgraded from the 4 and notice even better battery life than the very good 4. I turn off all the new iOS 7 bling as well as location and background updates. Do not need it and all but location seems superfluous to me. I turn that on when needed.
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    Amazing battery life

    I just upgraded from the iPad 4 128gb and notice several improvements over the already fine iPad 4. 1. Battery life is about two hours longer for my use. 2. Wifi range is even better. 3. Much faster. I also have a Note 2014 that is also a good device. That said, I wish there were an...
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    Samsung Takes Hits at the iPad Air in its Latest Ad

    I have a Note 2014 and an iPad 4. Love both :)
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    Would 16GB for iPad be enough for me ?

    I have a 128gb iPad 4, so pretty big NO from my perspective.
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    What does everyone use to clean their ipads screen?

    I pull out my T shirt bottom and use it. Works fine, though uncouth to do in public ;)
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    iPad 4 128GB review!

    I sold my iPad 3 since did notice the performance improvement and like not having to juggle all my stuff. Battery life seems over an hour better too. The speed of this makes my TF300 seem laggy.
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    For ipad 4 owners-how is overheating now

    Seems the reason for the different perspective is if people play 3d games or other graphic intense apps or not. If you just surf, read and play media, none of the models get too warm.
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    Ipad3 being recalled or no longer made?

    I have a iPad 3 64gb and iPad 4 128gb. The iPad 4 has a much faster chipset and the difference is noticed in some games and not in others. Load times are faster, as is internet and the pseudo Flash browsers work better. If you play hi def movies with non native supported codecs, they all...
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    iPad 4 128GB review!

    Just kidding, since only one obvious difference from the others. That said, nice having the space for my comics, games, apps and iMAME :) I currently still have the iPad 3 64GB and plan on selling it. Though I do like the space and extra speed of the 4, I might return the 4 and wait for the...
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    Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?

    Video as well. I like it all on one device and no need to app juggle our cloud download. For folks that like the cloud, that is your choice to make.
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    Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?

    If you are a gamer like me and like your music and comics all on the device and do not want to rely on the cloud, 128gb rocks. As far as external, that like the cloud consumes more battery power and apps need internal storage. That said, I can see the other points, but folks should not impose...
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    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 and iPad3 on 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0

    Update: Trying to jailbreak with only 2. 4GB free on a 64GB iPad 3 resulted in an error after about 60 minutes. The blue bar did move once from original position, but process stopped due to an error. So many comics and apps to reinstall if starting from scratch. Comics take a long time, so...
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    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 and iPad3 on 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0

    Been busy and not looking forward to a 55GB restore. My comic collection and apps are all just right...... Not seeing how it would work, so weary. Might try tomorrow though.
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    Why can't a mod edit the title of this thread? Conjecture and personal opinion does not in any way equal Official. If use the same convention and assumed premise as the OP, then EVERY device is officially set with problems.
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    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 and iPad3 on 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0

    I have a 64GB iPad 3 and only 1.8GB free and have a lot of apps and comics filling this space. A few questions, based on my not wanting to have to restore all of this again, unless no choice. 1. Can I jailbreak as is and not clean data? A restore will take a long time. Especially with all...
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    Why is iPad 3 behind in specs?

    Yep. Design it so only only media can be used and no data read write tasks that use the cpu. That way, security will not be compromised and more space with internal space for apps. I am already tapped out with a 64GB iPad. Does not take as long as some think, with larger apps, comics and...
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    Why is iPad 3 behind in specs?

    The words benchmark and absolute are an absolute contradiction in terms ;) I have an iPad 3 and the Acer A510. Both are great devices and have the chips being compared. That said, I am very skeptical the Tegra 3 will be able to handle a 1080p display with computational tasks without choking...
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    Is there a flash player or similar app to use on iPad

    Isn't it a remote service, so not playing directly with tablet resources?
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    Is there a flash player or similar app to use on iPad

    I prefer standalone apps that do not need a computer active, but thanks!
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    Is there a flash player or similar app to use on iPad

    Speaking of Flash, I was disappointed Amazon video streaming does not work with any of the browser apps that enable some Flash functionality :( Considering Amazon is a competitor with Android apps, I guess there will be no app for that.
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    Another tidbit is unless plugged into the wall, the new iPad only charges while the display is off. This is why says not charging while on and plugged in with a computer USB.
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    Buy iPad 3 or iPad 2?

    Respectfully, if somebody says the iPad 2 and 3 displays look even, that person is either far sighted and not wearing glasses, or looked at two iPad 2's. I am as near die hard of an Android user there is and I bought the new iPad. Professional reviews concur that the new display is FAR better...
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    If joking, funny, but if not, I think it is statistically unlikely to have that many bad units in a row. Either your standards are not practical, or you have worse luck than even me.
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    New iPad wifi rocks

    Yes, though Beavis and Butthead would approve.
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    Yes, buy one, NOW!

    Agreed the new iPad rocks and I have tried or owned a lot of Android devices. Currently have a Razr, Thrive and View. Love my Razr over iPhone, but prefer the iPad 3 for tablet use, with the exception being game emulators.
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    WiFi issues...time to return for refund

    Wifi is so good with my iPad 3 I posted a thread about it. Ironic.
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    New iPad wifi rocks

    Campus of this place is so huge it makes a Disney resort seem like a Holiday Inn Express. New iPad wifi is a king that I did not expect.
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    The OP seems a tad presumptuous assuming such a consensus. I an Android fan and think the new iPad is great. iTunes not so much, but that is another thing.
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    New iPad wifi rocks

    Currently at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel which is a huge resort campus. The wing my room is located has weak wifi. Poor and weak signal on my Razr, Thrive and T400 laptop. New iPad 64GB wifi has full bars and streaming Netflix. I did not expect this.
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    Wifi on my iPad 3 seems better than iPad 2.
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    Does it fit in the Clamcase for ipad 2 even though its a tad bit bigger?

    Hit and miss. Most appear not to fit, but some designs do. At Best Buy, it appears most do not fit and they have a lot too choose from.
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    I went to play with a new ipad.

    Are you guys far sighted? ;) I have tried or owned every main stream tablet that exists and the difference with images, comics and the web is profound. Even the scaling of lower res apps is a LOT better than the iPad 2 and Android tablets. This is coming from a die hard Android phone and...
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    New iPad vs. iPad 2: Which One Should You Get?

    Agreed on the free. Though the display on the new iPad approaches a religious experience and the scaling of lower res apps is much better, "free" is compelling in its own right.
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    What is your favorite thing(s) to do?

    Comics and games. I also have some Android tablets and those rock for Flash and game emulators, but the display on the iPad 3 is its killer "app". Wow.
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    Returned New iPad wifi 64 gig for iPad 2 -New iPad was too hot and too heavy!

    iPad 2 does run cooler, but the weight is not much more. This is the trade off for the amazing display. Things I notice that make the trade off and $100 higher price worth it over the iPad 2: Display is like looking sometimes at real objects rather than images. The image reproduction is...