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    Apple Officially Unveils the Next-Gen iPad Mini

    Am I missing something....other than the physical size....are the Mini and Air identical technically?
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    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    It all depends on the price point they decide to enter the market at... if it is priced in line (meaning close, but slightly higher) with other similar products I may consider one for my wife and/or kids. If it launches at a premium pricepoint and positions itself too close to the full size...
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    Complaints on ios6

    ??? The new Apple-native map software was one of the most talked about and publicized changes to IOS6? As far as apps go, developers have been (and still are) updating their apps for full iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compatibility.
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    IPad 3 Cellular Data Connection issues on Rogers/Applecare Replacement question

    All of southern Ontario is a high population area...and the hwy-401 corridor is a focal area for cellular service in Canada I am worried about the risk tied to a new unit...however my continued testing is showing continued intermittent service, even when showing a strong signal....
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    IPad 3 Cellular Data Connection issues on Rogers/Applecare Replacement question

    My Ipad on Rogers Wireless in Southern Ontario, Canada seems to be able to connect to cellular data without issue while in a major city, however, in outlying areas it will not connect to the data network. Applecare is offering to send me a replacement unit....however they have indicated that...
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    iPad-4 will it get more slimmer ?

    Since they are referring to a 'box of smarties' I'm guessign they mean the candy-coated chocolates.... (like M&M's in the US, but thinner).... Smarties - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The New iPad 3 Retina Display VS. iPad 2 Display BATTLE!

    I thought my iPad2 looked awesome...until I got the 3....saturation and crispness are stunning.... Worth the price of admission? personal preference....I had an unexpected bonus hit on launch I treated myself to a present....
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    Browsers other than Safari

    I was using Terra for the tabbed browsing until they updated Safari with that and several other new features a while back... Since then I've just bit the bullet and stuck with Safari due to the smooth integration with other apps thru the OS.... In hindsight...funny how it's ok for Safari to...
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    New Ipad Cases

    They must have just added it to their site! I'll be checking it out as I love my case for my iPad 2..and if it doesn't fit my 3...I'd love a new one...
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    which size iPad 3 I should buy 16gb or 32gb?

    Expect app sizes to increase due to the additional resolution of the new iPad.....I'd rather have unused space then leave myself short
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    Curious...Quanity Of iPad3's Available At Launch

    In speaking with Apple store personnel yesterday they indicated that the supply will be strong for this launch. They have stockpiled iPads in preparation such that the system is still indicating orders will be available at launch vs. the iPad 2 launch where the backlog was already several weeks...
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Go to the order status using the confirmation email...if it is still in the processing stage you will be able to modify. If it is preparing for shipment you're likely too late.
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Wow! Very nice!....still processing here....although it was 4:45 EST yesterday before the system lag opened up long enough to allow my order to be accepted...
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I have a bonus due the day of I let wifey know I'm spending part on my new iPad...and also a bit to take her to a nice dinner! lol...
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    General concensus is that this information will not be provided by apple, but that we will receive it after someone receives theirs on launch and does a teardown (ifixit) The signs do point to at least 1GB based on the feedback in some of the presentations about having more memory and being...
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    A little dissapointed...

    Capacitive buttons are a recipe for false contact...I'm personally quite thrilled they stuck with a tactile button. Could they have changed the overall design? Could they have made it look like the iPhones? probably...ultimately does it make a difference in a device that many (if not most)...
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    Where to go if you are NOT pre-ordering

    I snagged my iPad last year from Best Buy the day after was all luck of the draw...they weren't doing pre-orders and would get intermittent shipments throughout the days/weeks following launch.... If you happened by when the trucks unloaded you would standa chance of getting lucky...
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    Unfortunately, the data providers I have access to in CAnada do not handle roaming gracefully...I'll be looking to grab local providers when I travel....
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    VoiceSo Dictation not Siri !

    If anything was a disappointment with the new iPad it is lack of 'Siri'....that being said....if the hardware is there (and it certainly appears to be) it could show up later (or a 3rd party similar app)...
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    IT is still compatible with 3G/GSM networks.... Is it a certainty that the SIM will no longer be compatible?
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    Ahh....digging in further I see that the 4G frequencies are tailored to what is currently in use in the North American market....I would suspect that additional frequencies will be added (as needed) for other countries..
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    What is there about 4G to not be keen on? (or rather...why would it be a deal breaker?) Sure, the network coverage for 4G could be sparse in some areas, however, it still has full 3G functionality and drastically improved data access where 4G is indeed available?
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    New iPad case compatibility?

    Looking at the tech specs and dimensions, some of the slip on or corner hold cases may fit....I know I am holding onto my Cyber Acoustics Folio to try with my new iPAd... The new unit is a little bit thicker, so I would suspect that the form fitting cases that clip onto the back cover in all...
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    I'm still wondering what all of those who were 'underwhelmed' or feel 'jipped' were expecting? A drastic screen upgrade, improved cameras, processor and GPU incremental update (in all likelihood more onboard RAM as well) among several other tweaks and changes.... The new Ipad is more of a step...
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    [POLL] What model of iPad 3 will you get?

    I haven't used up all the space on my WiFi 32 Ipad2...but with the drastic increase in screen resolution I can see apps, photos, etc taking significantly more space on the new iPad...I also didn't like havign to tether to my iPhone all the time for data (not to mention the reduced speed) so I...
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    ipad 2 or new iphone

    I'd lean towards iPad as your phone is still working well for you, doing what you need, but the iPad would offer such a larger screen (even though pixel density isn't huge it's still quite nice) that it offers some very nice useability. Keep in mind that no matter which item you purchase, there...
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    New to Forum!

    I've just stumbled across this forum and was happy to see such a vibrant active community full of so much information! I'm still expanding my IPad usage and experienced guidance certainly helps!