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  1. Jockscrap

    Problems transferring iCloud photos on pc

    Thanks very much. As Photostreaming seems to work really well for me, the above solution is perfect, and so simple now I know how. I've just tried it, and I've got my holiday snaps transferred with no problem. Your help is much appreciated
  2. Jockscrap

    Problems transferring iCloud photos on pc

    My photos save successfully to my iCloud photostream on my pc. I want to be able to move the photos from there to another folder on my pc, but I've been unable to do this. I have holiday photos I want to move (or copy) from the photostream to my holiday photos folder, but I can't select more...
  3. Jockscrap

    Rip off - iTunes Store

    I only use iTunes gift cards to make purchases, and I never, ever buy the gift cards at full price. As a minimum, I'll get a £25 card for £20 when they are on offer, but I also have had great deals with using Tesco clubcard points to get cards, and chosen iTunes cards as free gifts from O2 top...
  4. Jockscrap

    Movies for iTunes deleted???? Can I get them back?

    Also go to Settings and Video, and make sure the show all videos option is turned on. All videos you own, whether they are on your device or in the cloud will show up in the Videos app. If they aren't showing up in the purchased part of iTunes, check that you are signed in to iTunes with the...
  5. Jockscrap

    How do you Copy a URL from the Safari address bar?

    When you say you are using the ipad edit tool, do you mean the method described in the post you quoted? The easiest way to copy a URL is to click on the box with an arrow in it icon to the left of the URL, then select 'copy', then just paste wherever you want the link to go. From here, you can...
  6. Jockscrap

    New ipad user here and driven demented!

    Just reread your post and see you have an iPhone too. These apps are compatible with the iPhone and you can easily sync Pages, Number and Keynote documents between devices via the iCloud. Make sure you have Documents and Data turned on to sync in the iCloud settings on both devices. This is a...
  7. Jockscrap

    New ipad user here and driven demented!

    Pages is Word equivalent, Numbers for Excel and Keynote for PowerPoint. All three apps open their MS equivalent files. You save the documents within the apps themselves, using folders if desired, and from the apps you can also wireless prints, email as PDFs etc. As far as I'm aware, you can't...
  8. Jockscrap


    I use Puffin, and have successfully watched a one hour web lecture on it. I've had no problem viewing sites with any Flash content.
  9. Jockscrap

    Notification and Calendar app issues with iOS7

    Finally, I've sussed what's going on with my all day events. My default time for all day events is 9am. Before then, they show up no where (other than in the calendar app). At 9am, an alert appears on screen as set in the Notifications settings, then thereafter, the all day events can be found...
  10. Jockscrap

    I can't close open apps now!

    Just put your finger on the large thumbnail in the middle, not the icon, and flick it up to the top of the screen.
  11. Jockscrap

    Notification and Calendar app issues with iOS7

    I don't think that's it. Before iOS7, the notification centre always showed all day events. I have all days events every day as I do my menu for the week that way. I like to have the entry on my calendar, big and obvious in a bold strip of colour above all my other daily events as food is my...
  12. Jockscrap

    Shuffle and Shuffle All

    I was really pleased to see that the actual word 'shuffle' has replaced the little squiggly icon thing which I never knew was on or off, but what the heck is the difference between 'shuffle' and 'shuffle all'? When these are the only options, how do you play an album so there is no shuffle of...
  13. Jockscrap

    Notification and Calendar app issues with iOS7

    Hmmph. Spoke too soon. Although yesterday the NC referred to the two all day events I had today, they aren't getting a mention today. No rhyme or reason to it.
  14. Jockscrap

    Notification and Calendar app issues with iOS7

    Well how odd. All day events have now, four days after updating to iOS7, started appearing in my notifications.
  15. Jockscrap

    What Does IOS 7 Do BETTER??

    Marilyn Now I just feel silly for missing so many of those out. I totally agree about the command centre (doh for forgetting that one), and swoosh up to close an app feature. Love those too and definitely an improvement on before.
  16. Jockscrap

    What Does IOS 7 Do BETTER??

    I have an iPad2 running iOS7. The upgrade has improved Reminders. It was a real nuisance for me before, that I was unable to reorder the reminders lists, or the items within each list, and now I can do both prioritising things to suit me. The calendar is improved for me, as I can now scroll...
  17. Jockscrap

    Lost settings icon on desktop

    Use the spotlight search to find it for you.
  18. Jockscrap

    Notification and Calendar app issues with iOS7

    Okay, I've just this minute discovered another problem. At 9am, an alert for my all day event popped up in the middle of the screen. From there, you have an option to view it in the calendar, which I chose. The event then appears in a window, superimposed over the rest of the calendar, and the...
  19. Jockscrap

    Notification and Calendar app issues with iOS7

    Upgraded my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 yesterday to iOS 7 and on the whole, I quite like it. Not so keen on all the white, but love the improvements to Reminders, especially the ability to alter the order of the lists and reminders. However, my one big gripe is the loss of all day events from the...
  20. Jockscrap

    iOS 7 is now available for download

    Is this what you are looking for? You can see the whole year in one go. It was harder to find on the iphone, but has a tab at the top of the screen on the ipad.
  21. Jockscrap

    new to forum how do I print?

    Pages, Numbers and Keynote are the iPad equivalent apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so they would be a starting point. PDFs can be created within these apps, and if you receive PDFs in emails, they can be stored and organised within the iBooks app. Notetaker HD is a great app for editing...
  22. Jockscrap

    Ipad for free calling

    You can download the free Skype app, to talk or video call anyone else with Skype. If the person you want to call also has an Apple device ie, Touch, iPad or iPhone, then you can communicate through FaceTime. Both options are free over wifi.
  23. Jockscrap

    Help with Numbers deleting data but not formulae

    I have created a spreadsheet which I would like to copy then use with different data. The table has several cells that contain formulae. When I delete the data, the formulae are deleted too. Is there a way to retain the formulae and create a template to reuse over and over?
  24. Jockscrap

    Problem with ipad duplicating all my bookmarks

    Great tips, thank you. Bit weird how these things can trundle along working perfectly for ages then suddenly start playing up, but good to know how to deal with it better the next time if it happens again.
  25. Jockscrap

    Problem with ipad duplicating all my bookmarks

    Hi, yes. Duplicated on both devices. I thought I'd try and be clever, so I deleted the duplicates from my iPad and iPhone having turned both iPhone and iPad to airplane mode. Then I manually did an iCloud backup of the iPad thinking the new trimmed down bookmarks would be saved to the cloud...
  26. Jockscrap

    Problem with ipad duplicating all my bookmarks

    Have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2, and up until today the bookmarks between them have synced perfectly. For some reason now, all my bookmarks are duplicated. I've tried a reset and that hasn't worked. I've also tried switching icloud bookmarks off , deleted them from the devices, then switchedd...
  27. Jockscrap

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    This is brilliant. My dad finds it really hard to use the tiny screen rotation lock button and even the volume controls are fiddly to get to with the iPad inside it's case. I've just shown him this feature and he loves it. Great tip, thanks.
  28. Jockscrap

    I have a problems transfering a video from ipad to pc..

    The iPad will be listed as 'iPad' in Computers on the PC. iTunes auto opens with me too but doesn't cause a problem. Once you've located the file in the iPad as a storage device as I detailed in my earlier post it should just be a drag and drop process to get it on to your pc. I wonder if the...
  29. Jockscrap

    I have a problems transfering a video from ipad to pc..

    Ah. Good point. That method saves a backup copy of your movie you can continue to edit in iMovies. I don't like backing up movies to the cloud as they take up so much of my free 5gb so I back them up this way. When you originally tried to transfer the video from the iPad, was it in your camera...
  30. Jockscrap

    I have a problems transfering a video from ipad to pc..

    I don't have a camera connection kit so can't advise on that, but I have transferred iMovies to my pc via iTunes. Can you try doing it that way? Forgive me if I'm giving info you already know. To transfer, go to iMovies on your iPad and choose to send the movie via the iTunes option. When you...
  31. Jockscrap

    New iPad user

    Welcome to the forum. We bought my parents the new iPad recently for their 50th wedding anniversary and they are getting on brilliantly with it. If you live near an Apple store, it is well worth signing up for their free iPad classes as these are invaluable for new users unless you have someone...
  32. Jockscrap

    Ipad 2 has decided to stop joining network

    Try selecting 'forget network' if she hasn't done so already, and then rejoin the network. Also, try doing a reset if one hasn't been done since the problem started, and see if that fixes it.
  33. Jockscrap

    What's wrong with the iPad

    This is possible on an iPad
  34. Jockscrap

    Leaving the AppleTV on.

    You don't need to go through the telly to switch off. The Apple TV remote does it. Press and hold the centre button and the light gives a quick flicker. Let go of the button it will be switched off.
  35. Jockscrap

    Leaving the AppleTV on.

    I love Apple TV. It works perfectly for me for watching catch up telly and streaming from my iPhone or iPad. However, I do find that although it is set up to go to sleep after a certain time, this doesn't always work and it can stay on for days if I forget to manually turn it off with the...
  36. Jockscrap

    Wi-Fi connection

    The easiest way to connect to the BT Openzone and Fon sites is via their app, free from the app store. Once the BTFon app has been downloaded, register your details within the app, and whenever you are in a free BT wifi zone it will automatically join, and make a nice 'bing' sound to let you...
  37. Jockscrap

    Printing From The iPad For a Windows User Question, Please ?

    This link to the Airprint installer in the above link has been removed unfortunately.
  38. Jockscrap

    Best app for saving a web page as a pdf?

    Just had great fun (I don't get out much lol) making QR codes with my new-found bookmarklet skills. This site is fab!
  39. Jockscrap

    Best app for saving a web page as a pdf?

    Wow...never even knew about bookmarklets. Thanks for the really clear instructions.
  40. Jockscrap

    Connecting iPad to a TV

    I think the simplest way is to purchase Apple TV. It is absolutely brilliant for showing content on your iphone and iPad, and has virtually no set up and no cables. I love it for either streaming tv programmes on catch up telly, or for mirroring content from my iPad or iPhone. It is also great...