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    Open and edit PowerPoint and PDFs on ipad

    I use iAnnotate to read and add notes to pdf's, even 'locked' ones. Works beautifully. Can't help with ppt's tho
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    How many iPad bags do you have?

    I have the STM Jacket I use daily. No matter which of my six camera bags I use that day - LOL Like most photogs, im on a never ending search for camera bag, but this STM bag is perfect . Fits iPad with griffin silcone jacket, slips in my briefcase, but is perfect for solo carry anywhere
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    USB Charging.......AHAAHHHHHHHHH!

    I plan to buy a second 10W charger, but until then am carrying stock charger back n forth daily. All my PC's are windows so no higher juice available there...
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    System clock app

    In control panel, set time n date - is it 'auto' or 'set time'? I changed to 'auto' and the difference of 20 seconds disappeared Difference between a clock app and system time But no, unaware of any system clock fix app
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    Microsoft's Chief Exec Says Competing with iPad is a Priority

    Ms should take a lesson from firefighting and many other industries When your priority is to catch up, you will never get ahead. A losing strategy :comingsoon:
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    $7 iPad stand.

    I picked up a little wire picture frame stand holder in crafts store - Michaels . $3.99 and folds flat for portability! works so great I picked up a second to leave on my desk at work. And it's hinged so varying angles are easy! 40 & 50$ stands looked nice but seem a crime to pay that much!
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    Email Question

    In Portrait view hit the INBOX button top left, that will show the sidebar control window
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    How to check sent messages

    In default iPad email account, the first screen under your email account should show Inbox, sent mail, drafts etc If you're in your inbox click on your email name in lil arrow box very top left corner, should take u to ur acc't and show inbox, drafts, sent... At least for my gmail and yahoo...
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    What is the best screen protector you can buy?

    Based on my experience with several on my several iPhones, I am keeping plain clear glass on my iPad. Rationale being that by the time glass is scratched beyond tolerance, it'll be time for the new one. But that is only my opinion, though I am hell on equipment trashing cameras lenses and other...
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    I have another question....

    That's a whole 'nother ipad and plan for Accessible Clipboard! :D That iPad is $1199, unlimited clipboard access not to exceed 1gb/month $97.99/month (sorry, couldn't resist - for those who don't realize, the above is not true)
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    How do I move

    I use iannotate PDF allows me to read, copy sections, highlight and of course annotate. $9.99 but I've found it well worth the cost!
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    Archiving books

    And if not on your kindle app, they're archived on your amazon kindle page
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    The Apple link above says: "Use Your iPad Regularly For proper reporting of the battery’s state of charge, be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down)." I usually don't worry about charging till it hits 20% unless I...
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    Double negation in English

    Unfortunately, the style of speaking incorrectly has become so widespread as to become standard. I find it quite annoying. It didn't take me long once out of Brooklyn to drop the the brooklynese accent and style! I've never placed the punctuation inside quotes unless it is part of the quote. It...
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    Time Wasted to Copy/Paste...

    I'd like to see a comparison of that data compared to a computer with mouse. How much time to reach for mouse, align cursor, click, select and copy? That would be meaningful, well, useful, well it would seem to provide some substance...
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    The Perfect Case

    I got an STM iPad jacket for 25$ holds iPad in griffin silicone cover nicely. Plush liner, tough nylon outer with three pockets. I usually fold shoulder strap into back pocket, put whole thing into my briefcase. Then use STM case for solo carry. I was impressed with quality and price -...
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    ipad pdf problem urgent plleeaasse

    Hit 'post' too soon. I've had no problems viewing tech documents with photos diagrams etc, though I do have to save them to my iPad. U can delete them afterwards if necessary. Also, it allows u to highlight, underline or copy parts of 'locked' PDFs! I was wary of 9.99 but reviews were great and...
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    ipad pdf problem urgent plleeaasse

    9.99$ for iAnnotate PDF and use it for work all day long! Steep for an app but well worth every 999 pennies
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    Is there a way to get my pc bookmarks into my ipad?

    Xmarks I have been using Xmarks. Online bookmarks storage. Auto or manual Sync with your various equipment or just keep it online. I don't know how it works with safari, I just use it as a central repository for all work and play links
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    Eye-Strain while using iBooks (iStrain?)

    I've spent hour after hour reading on the iPad, articles, forums and books and have felt no eyestrain whatsoever. But of course that's jes' me...
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    Everyone wants one

    Link: The official site for everything Baldo and cartooning. Poor kid...
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    How to set the monitor so it rotates?

    Five buttons?
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    To 3(G) or not to 3(G)....

    I am deactivating my iPhone in favor of iPad, so 3G was a necessity for me. I have WiFi at home but I like the portability of anywhere(sort of) access. My work issue blackberry fills phone & txt functions.
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    About Our Cases

    Blatant advertising. Shouldn't that be prohibited? That 'free books' dork is bad enough, now this! Apparently not a moderated board!
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    Do you turn off your ipad?

    I shut it off at night. Force of habit from too much time with Microsoft products - shutting off to clean up the OS in the reboot. Not likely to need the daily 'purge' but I figure it won't do any harm
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    Battery-when to charge?

    The battery university is an excellent resource! The information presented is accurate and complete, though the science interspersed may bore the average consumer. The magic wrapped up in those little cases is quite complex, but simple rules do apply: Read and follow manufacturers...
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    Day 3.0

    On third day with my 64gb 3G iPad and quite enjoying it. I had 3 iphones before and still a windows (shudder) laptop and pc. The jump from cute little powerhouse mini iPhone to 'full-size' iPad was a bit dizzying. Granted the size made all the difference - being able to see it all clearly...
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    Would you return your 3G?

    I orders 16gb 3G direct from apple on the 5th (pre-deadline), but then saw one available at bestbuy. I got the best buy 64gb 3G and cancelled apple order figuring I could live with new plan. Turns out I signed up and on for unlimited on jun 9th!!
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    3g unlimited

    I ordered a 3g direct from apple on the 5th right under the wire. Delivery date 6/24. Well I got impatient when I saw the local bestbuy had a 3g 64gb in stock. Figured I'd go for it, I'm not a data hog so 2gb a month oughta di. Surprise!! Got home and signed up and there's three choices -...
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    A Tale of 4 eReaders

    Key factor for me was finding new books - amazon lists new releases to include a 50 yr old recent scan. Makes it difficult to find recently written books. Ipad is replacement for iPhone and kindle, freeing me up to shop anywhere to find new scfi releases (I'm old enough to have read many...
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    3G first month usage

    Planning to pick up 16gb 3g ipad today I checked my iPhone plan history and only once used more than 60mb in a month. I don't watch video or stream anything data-intensive but am on the iPhone constantly, if I don't get it today, I'm not worried about passing the 2gb limit.