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    I need a car charger for my iPad 3 4G

    Thanks for the help!
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    I need a car charger for my iPad 3 4G

    I Took an 8 hour trip and used the 4g connection the whole trip. When I noticed the battery at 18% I tried to charge it using a USB charger that i used for my old iPad 2. It slowed the drain and I was able to continue using it until reaching my destination. I closed all apps that I wasn't using...
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    iPad 2 VS iPad 3

    IMO 1 to 2 Sent from my new iPad using iPF
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    iPad 2 VS iPad 3

    I changed from 2 to 3. Sold my old iPad 2 for $500 and bought the 4G 64gb iPad 3. I love the display, but hate the battery. I think iPad 1 had the best battery life of the 3. I also like the 4g feature, which I didn't have before. If I had it to do over, I would still sell the 2 and buy the 3...
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    Downloading a new ebook from Barnes and Nobles failing

    I've purchased a couple of Nook Books. Not having any issues. Make sure to tap and not double tap. You will get the same confirmation as you see on your desktop. It will then automatically update the nook app when you open it.