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    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    Ok with me but I'm not the OP. Also, it won't be over for me til the iPad 5 comes out :o. I can however refrain from crying about it on these forums.
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    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    I must be strong! I can go one iPad model without purchasing! I really can! *gasp* :( -Greg
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    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    My point is not that it won't run. My point is it would run better on the iPad 4 (e.g. more 3d effects) and that I will be disappointed that I don't get to experience it since I'm not willing to upgrade this soon. I do have some concern that iPad3 will have a shorter life cycle than other...
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    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    Yes the impact of more horsepower for CPU/GPU activities is my concern. Suspect you are right that anything that runs on an iPad2 at 1024x768 should be able to run on an iPad3 at 2048x1536. I do expect there to be engine tweaks to make the same game look and run better on the iPad4. That is...
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    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    I agree that it makes sense to move forward with the lightening connector. I don't like that they are raping us for new cables and converters. Does it really need to cost $29 for an adapter? I don't think you are getting my point on this. I don't think that they will only be building games...
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    Surprisingly happy with outcome at bestbuy

    It does not have a better screen but does have a better Graphics Processor.
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    I'm Happy With My 3

    I'm trying hard to be happy but it is a challenge. Good opportunity for me to grow as a person :)
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    Surprisingly happy with outcome at bestbuy

    I agree with kctay. If you can do without an iPad for a month I'd wait for the faster processor. Also agree that the 3ed generation has been replaced by the 4th and the iPad 2 is staying around as the non-retina version.
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    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    I do see your point. Technology advancing is a good thing and there is more to life than how long my iPad 3 will continue to be viable. My iPad does not do less than it did yesterday but I do think it is fair to consider that the life cycle of the iPad 3 may now be shorter than previous models...
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    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    I'm loosing some love for Apple as well. I hate the money grab this new lightning cable has turned into. I upgraded from iPhone 4 to 5 (skipped 4s) and have had every iPad model (hard to justify iPad 4 though). I have tons of accessories with 30pin connectors. It is EDITED FOR CRASS CONTENT...
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    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    I think it is natural to be upset and am in the club myself. I had thought my investment last March would have me be the high end target for apps for a year. That is not an unreasonable belief based on the refresh cycles in the past. Now app developers who build high end apps (e.g. games)...
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    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    I was very surprised. I half expected a re-released iPad3 with the lightening connector. I was not expecting the CPU/GPU bump. I have to admit that I am upset. I do understand that the problem may be within me but I figured I'd have more time before my device was no longer the top model. To...
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    Dream Zoo Help

    Just got the new iPad and gave my old one to my wife. *I am trying to associate dream zoo with her account but not having luck. *I did not reset the iPad though I did change to her apple Id for everything except the app store. *Anyway, my wife has a zoo on her iPhone and it is associated with...
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    jailbreak for iPad 2

    Ok. Understand. Got this from the tiny umbrella site: Thanks!
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    jailbreak for iPad 2

    Is it possible to back up my blobs before a JB exists? I guess if there is a tethered method I could back up my blobs then upgrade but would prefer to wait for tethered.
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Another one: Leatherology
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    jailbreak for iPad 2

    I'm avoiding the upgrade to 4.3.1 just in case JB only works on 4.3. Is that necessary or am I being paranoid?
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Updated first post with bags listed in the thread plus others that I've found. Note that I only included those that would hold an iPad2 with Smart Cover and not replacement solutions for Smart Cover.
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Here are two more from beyzacases: bezyzacases Slim Bag Series bezyzacases Wave Series Sleeves
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    Zagg or Ghost Armor

    I've had both zagg and ghost and I prefer ghost. I feel my finger glides better on it and it is more durable. My Zagg peeled off my first iPad and the kiosk I bought it from in the mall was gone when I went for a replacement.
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    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    Good to see a reasonable conversation in response to what will obviously be an unpopular point of view on this forum. I also follow android tablets very closely and any post with the word "iPad" on an android forum brings out the hate in a big way. I am an android wannabe who is now on his...
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    A great addition to the SmartCover.

    I did the same. Very happy with it!
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Agree with you. I dig the Smart Cover. I am putting a full BodyGuardz protection on front and back (textured for the back) and using the Smart Cover. Love that I can have easily remove the cover and get the naked experience but can carry my iPad around in the house or office with the cover on...
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Targus looks pretty good! Thanks for the info! -Greg
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Check this one out: Vaja - Leather Products Really like it but worried about having the open top. Want to have more full protection. Have to say that I love their products. I have their cover for my iPad 1 and have always felt that it is the best cover out there.
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    I know there have been a lot of threads on cases but I have not seen discussion of the smallest case possible. I don't want it to hold cables or keyboard or anything other than the iPad2 with Smart Cover. I want it to be as small as possible. A plus would be for it to have loops for a...
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    My Ipad 1 vs Ipad 2 review (for people on the fence like i was)

    For me it was a decision I made a long time ago. I set aside the money and waited for the announcement. I'm already getting ready to start saving for the iPad 3. Not sure if it is compulsive (since it is planned over a long period of time) or if it is just the inability to accept having...
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    Anyone else taking forever to restore their ipad 1 backup to their ipad 2?

    I started at 6:30PM and it is now 3:00AM and it is still not done! I have a 64g ipad that was pretty much full but this is nuts!! I want to play with my new iPad 2!!! I may have to leave it for the night - tired. I just hope I don't run out of battery! It seems to be holding up pretty...
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    The danger of clones... two iPad one apple ID?

    I am able to share apps with my wife even though she has a different itunes account. She has had an account for her iPod for a long time and I created one for myself for apps when I got my iPad 1. She just got an iPhone and I am able to copy the ipa files over to her computer and install them...
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    Are lines forming where you are?

    I'm not believing that. No way Apple would say anything about ipad3 today. Heck, they did not say anything about ipad2 until the announcement day. -Greg
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    iPad 2 RAM

    Ram will help everything go smoother. The 256mb in the ipad 1 was just not enough - especially when they added their version of multi-tasking. All those problems where apps wont start unless you reboot the iPad are memory related. I think 512mb will make a huge difference but wish it was even...
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    Will 3ed Party Web Browser Apps Speed up with iPad2?

    I have been reading about how the new version of safari is much faster than the old one and wonder if this will also result in speed improvements (beyond the impact of the CPU bump) for the 3ed party Web Browser Apps. I use iCab Mobile due to the additional features it provides and it is pretty...
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    Can I restore an iPad 4.2.1 backup onto the iPad 2 with 4.3?

    I've already wiped a bunch of stuff off of my original iPad in preparation of giving it to my wife and daughter. I did a backup before removing anything but it occurred to me that perhaps I should have upgraded to 4.3 and backing that up before removing anything since the iPad 2 will have 4.3...
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    Transferring apps and content from iPad1?

    Either method will work. If you restore you will keep all your app progress (eg game saves). If you load new you will loose app state.
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    iPAD-2 New features. Most of them - Not for me

    Agree. I was surprised not to see some sort of game demo that showed the potential of the new HW. The movie app was impressive but I would have liked to see something that knocked my socks off!
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    Best way to go from JB 3.2 to Stock 4.2?

    Got it but what about other JB apps? Same thing? I believe then when I upgraded to 3.2 from 3.1 and then applied the new JB and installed JB apps that the data (e.g. Iconoclasm settings) for my JB apps was still there. Not sure if that was due to the iTunes backup or due to files being left...
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    Best way to go from JB 3.2 to Stock 4.2?

    So you are saying that the upgrade performs a full wipe and then restores on top of it so any files I have sitting around due to cydia and cydia installed apps will be gone? I suppose that if I'm not happy with the result I can just do a full wipe and restore after getting to 4.2 and doing a...
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    Best way to go from JB 3.2 to Stock 4.2?

    I want to start off with a Stock 4.2 and work with it that way for a while. I do plan to JB again down the road but for now I want to get a feel for the experience Apple intends us to have. This helps me appreciate the JB even more when I get there. My concern is that if I upgrade to 4.2...
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    Just installed the 4.2 beta

    iLounge posted the sad answer in their article : New in iOS 4.2: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots :(:(:(:(
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    * Full resolution when running iPhone apps with retina graphics capability * Setting to loose the 2x button on iPhone apps and just default to 2x (does any really run an iPhone app at 1x?)