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  1. iBean

    Is this the apple experience?

    I have used iTunes cards for years. Started when iTunes wouldn't accept registration of 2people to 1 bank account (credit card). Helps keep cap on spending, & nieces, nephews, grand kids & kids on my school bus, love them as rewards, gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. Walmart &most grocery &...
  2. iBean

    Use mouse on ipad?

    Can you use a touch pad? I have my iPad 1 set up c/ a ZAGG Bluetooth keyboard, and in that laptop type configuration, it is awkward touching the screen to move around.
  3. iBean


    I just had this problem, trying to update Pages on my iPad 1. Found the lost app on another iTunes account that I set up years ago and forgot I had. Apparently I managed to download the original Pages on my old account. So to update, I had to sign out of iTunes from my "new" account, then sign...
  4. iBean

    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    I recently got a ZAGGMATE for my iPad 1 & really like it, mostly. I had a folio for 2 years, and found it wasn't perfect either. I find I am using the iPad more, and like a laptop. Seems like a MacBook Air. I, too, have a sleeve I transport it in. I like the freedom of moving from laptop to...
  5. iBean

    Wi-fi problems

    I have an iPad 1, 3G, 32gig, with AT&T unlimited data & wifi available. A few months ago we left our satellite Internet provider in favor of a 4 G AT&T hotspot at home. I don't use wifi often, but was trying to upgrade a large app that required either wifi connection with my iMac, or a hard...
  6. iBean

    Print from IPad without Airprint

    I'm looking for PrintCentral as well, but don't find it in my iMac app store. Where did you find it?
  7. iBean

    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    I've about decided to spend a few bucks and buy the 2 new advertised programs, Garage Band and iMovie. I have an iMac with Garage Band that is about 3 years old, so the newly designed program for the iPad is probably going to knock my socks off. I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can transfer...
  8. iBean

    iPad pkt in ScotteVest

    Saw info on this forum for the ScotteVest, checked it out and decided to try it. Just got my Tropical Jacket with removable sleeves yesterday. I have been pleasantly surprised about the quality of this product. All the zippers are very sturdy as is the sewing. I set it up very easily, even the...
  9. iBean

    Safari stuck on "Apple-Legal-iTunes" screen

    Have had my 3G-32gig ipad 3 days and today while trying to surf, the Safari screen seems stuck on the above mentioned spot. No amount of tapping or swiping will change it. Turning it off / on, going to another screen then back, trying to tap address bar, NOTHING makes it budge, other than going...
  10. iBean

    Locking Case for iPad

    I'd be interested in hearing your opinion regarding the stability and support it offers while being used in the open position. How about the landscape typing position? And does the strap stay out of the way? Like others, am interested in the price. Thanks
  11. iBean

    iPad owners average age

    Most of us "Q-Tips" (White hair on top) are the ones that started and brought this industry to what it is now. I remember my 1st computer (TR-1000)had no hard drive and no place on board to store programs. I was a forward thinker, by insisting on 2 drives, so I could put the program disk in 1...
  12. iBean

    Prepared for shipment!

    I ordered mine about 5 AM on May 22, and got the "ship June 8 / arrive June 11" notice on my tracking page. Yesterday (June 3) it said "Prepared for shipment". Says the same today. Do they go out 1 at a time, or to another place that accepts a container of them to be individually redirected...
  13. iBean

    FREE video converters

    When trying to convert Star Trek, I was told that I needed a 64 bit version of VLC. However there is no 64 bit version. Now I have a 64 bit version of Handbrake & cant find a 32 bit version. Help please.
  14. iBean

    New iPad car mount!

    This looks like a Back Seat model of the one about 3 posts up, entitled "I just ordered my car mount". It's the same holder with a different thing to attach it to. It comes as 2 seperate parts. The base is about $29 & the mount is another price that I don't remember. Seems the total is about...
  15. iBean

    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    I bought the Clear Touch AG at the recomendation of forum members. It has arrived, but still waiting for my iPad. It seems to get high marks for Anti-Glare (which we have lots of in South Texas) as well as finger print and scratch protection.
  16. iBean

    Official iPad Pre-order List

    I finally got to order my 32 gig, 3G on May 22. Says it will not ship till June 8th & deliver on June 11th. I'm disgusted I have to Wait So Long:confused:. As you can tell by my member #, I've been with this forum almost since the beginning, and been jonesing for one almost non-stop. Got a...
  17. iBean

    Apple Refuses Cash Payment for iPad

    Glad to hear that the Apple Store saw the error in how they handled that situation, and compensated the potential customer for their embarrassment. I think they must have realized that their elitist attitude was sending the wrong message to a lot of potential customers. I know lots of older...
  18. iBean

    Apple Refuses Cash Payment for iPad

    That's really absurd! And what an embarrassment to the customer. The last Apple computer I bought was on Black Friday a few Thanksgivings ago. I had just sold the last of my litter of Golden Retrievers and was able to pay cash for my iMac. Usually avoid shopping on that day, but the bargain...
  19. iBean

    Do I need the iPad 3G?

    I would imagine that reselling the wifi model would not be to hard on eBay, then buy the 3G you want. I would also probably be in that predicament, but didn't have the cash to buy when it came out. Since I'll probably have to wait till October to get mine, maybe the second generation will be...
  20. iBean

    Obama: Too Much Information Bad - Can't Work an iPad

    Seems I remember that during his campaign, he lamented he was going to have to give up his Blackberry in the White House for security reasons (and probably to keep him from texting something stupid that would be picked up by the news media). Me thinks anyone who can operate a Blackberry would...
  21. iBean

    Noah's Lego iPad Stand

    Looks as good or better than some of the Apple doc's I've seen. You must be VERY proud!
  22. iBean

    What size iPad did you buy? And how much space are you using?

    I'm still waiting for the 3G to come out, but I expect that I will keep my music on my iTouch and maybe a book or 2, as It is pretty easy to pop out of its case on my belt or purse strap, for a quick read of a few pages. I think the iPad will be mostly for internet browsing and email and a...
  23. iBean

    iPad ban on some college campus'

    Thanks for the input. Sounds like Israel is not alone.
  24. iBean

    iPad ban on some college campus'

    Today, I heard a very short bit that iPads were being banned on some campuses. I've heard no more. Anyone heard this and know why? I did read the thread about Israels ban and confiscation of iPads brought into the country.
  25. iBean

    iPad Keyboard Dock

    I saw mention of a dock a few weeks ago, that allowed for both vertical and horizontal placement, that also had a USB plug in the front as well as a small phono plug (for headset or speaker?). I put my name on their list to notify me when it was available, but have not heard back from them...
  26. iBean

    does anyone else do this also ..

    I decided to hold out for the 3G model. The Monday I was at the store, it had quite a few people there, but not overly crowded. They had about 20 iPads set up around the store for folks to play with, and there was little wait time to get my hands on one. Went back 2 or 3 times while at the...
  27. iBean

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I put one on my husbands 3rd Gen iTouch because despite keeping it in a case, after 4 months it had a big scratch on the screen. Put a silicone back on it rather than the full body InvisibleShield. Now that I use it more than he, I carry it in a full case that stays on my waist band or belt or...
  28. iBean

    does anyone else do this also ..

    I was at the Apple Store at La Cantera in San Antonio on Monday and saw screen protectors for sale there on the rack with the covers, slip cases and frames. I want one to prevent the scratches I see on the face of my phone cover. Granted, my slide phone is usually on my purse, belt loop or...
  29. iBean

    iDan, love your Austin User Group logo! your design? Would like to see a "smilie" icon of a sign...

    iDan, love your Austin User Group logo! your design? Would like to see a "smilie" icon of a sign showing an "up" pointing arrow with a caption of "Funny Post". I use that one a lot on my Backyard Chicken list, indicating that I find the previous post amusing. Hook 'Um Horns!
  30. iBean

    Wireless Keyboard

    I asked the same question, and got mixed responses. From the looks of the photo of the wireless keyboard, it looks just like the one I'm typing on right now. I've had it about 2 years and really like it. Decided to buy it when my computer set up did not involve a desk or table, so needed...
  31. iBean

    Live coverage from San Francisco Apple Store

    Our San Antonio (LaCantera) store will not be open on Easter Sunday, and since Husband refused to mingle with the melay there, I'm going to go by myself on Monday. It's about an hour drive from the ranch, but I'm going to also hit the store in North Star Mall and probably Best Buy as well...
  32. iBean

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    Does the Antireflective film cut down on brightness of the screen when used inside? I have heard about cell phones that have the AMOLED process on their screens, which means Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode that is designed to increase readability in direct sunlight. Does it work...
  33. iBean

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I just installed one on my husbands iTouch. After only about 5 months of use, it already has a scratch on it. I watched the install vid and followed the directions. It went on pretty easily, and I had plenty of time to move it around till it STUCK. It's only been on a few days, so there are...
  34. iBean

    Newbie Qns: Transfering files without wi-fi

    I don't know why ver.1 has no USB connection, but maybe the plug in the bottom will allow input other than electrical. If not, with no wi-fi, don't know how you will input or read anything. Maybe a wi-fi hotspot at your public library or Starbucks will allow downloads. Also found a hotspot at...
  35. iBean

    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    I hope it's not a cruel "April Fools" joke! But who ever gets their hands on it first MUST post a dated photo here - maybe of the UPS man delivering it, opening the box, and so on. I'm considering trying to get in to the Apple store tomorrow, but it may be impossible. I've heard twice now...
  36. iBean

    Kindle for the iPad

    I have gotten the Kindle reader app for my iTouch, and also have other reader apps for it. I am reading several different books on my iTouch, each one on a different reader. I find the iTouch is good when I'm on the go & try to snatch a few pages when I can. I'm retired and drive a School Bus...
  37. iBean

    NEW!! - Sprint 4G phone: Instant wi-fi hotspot for 8 devices...

    I live in semi-rural South Central Texas. First got Sprint down on the Coast, in Corpus Christi & have had it for at least 5 years, maybe longer. It works well down most of the Interstates, and around the larger cities. I'm near San Antonio and my only problem with reception here is that it...
  38. iBean

    NEW!! - Sprint 4G phone: Instant wi-fi hotspot for 8 devices...

    If this is like the Sprint Overdrive, the 4G usage is unlimited, but if you fall to 3G you are limited to 5GB a month and have to pay 5 cents a MB for all additional usage. With limited use at home, I use easily 6 to 7 GB a month, in a 3G or Edge service area. So, unless they change their...
  39. iBean

    Convergence: A Wish List

    I'm very confident this COULD happen, but don't think it will happen in 5 years - or maybe even 10 years! Technology is improving by leaps and bounds, every few months. I just feel it boils down to money, and product management. I think the big businesses want things to change & improve, but...
  40. iBean

    iPad - future think tank for developers/3rd party mfgrs?

    Issac Newton, some of those cave dwellers of like mind are holed up just a few miles NW of you!:D Will I see you at the Apple Store in La Cantera on the 3rd? I'm thinking of going just to see the spectacle. Don't quite have the money to order as hoped, as my litter of puppies that were going...