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    Ipad Guitar Apps

    There are quite a few that are usable. Make sure you get one with an adaptor that works well. I have AmpKit+ which works quite well with my Bass.
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    Ipad nonsync movies and TV shows to lap top

    To sync means to synchronize, i.e. have the same on both devices. You don't sync 'to the laptop', you sync with the laptop. iTunes is the leading system here. What is on your laptop can be copied to your iPad. But it still remains on the laptop. So, if you uncheck movies it means that these...
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    Can you track an iPad in sleep mode

    As long as it's in reach of your WiFi, it does. I guess it's out of reach if you don't find it. It might make sense to search every few minutes until whoever stole it connetcs it to their own WiFi.
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    Telnet app for free

    I don't quite get it. Do you need a telnet-client or an SSH-client? Or do you need a universal client that can do telnet as well as SSH? Saying 'I need a telnet client that does SSH' doesn't really make sense from a technical point of view. For one, telnet isn't encrypted while SSH is. Then...
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    getting out of recovery mode

    I had the same issue. Apple advised me to disable my virus scanner while restoring with my windows-pc. If you have a Windows machine, try this, looks like it works.
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    Recovery Loop - need help

    I had the same issue last week. I did the upgrade on a windows system and my iPad went into the loop. Luckily, there was an Apple Store nearby and with a Mac they managed to restore it in next to no time. They told me that this happens on Windows systems with certain virus-scanners and...
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    Best Word Processor App for Ipad 2?

    Personally, I prefer Pages and Numbers but DocsToGo isn't bad either.
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    Will the IPad Fizzle out?

    Well... BASIC isn't about programming, it's writig Spaghetti-Code and losing track of what you did within days. Modern Development systems require a lot of computing power which a tablet just doesn't have. Therefore, you won't find a proper Dev-Kit for any tablet that runs on the device...
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    New to iPad,extremely complicated,no video music ,cannot acess I tunes etc etc

    Not meaning to be disrespectful, but this might be a case of RTFM. What data do you want to load? Into which application? What kind of business are you in that Flash improves your productivity? Just curious.... By the way, I just bought one for my 73 year old mom. After half a day...
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    Installing .ipa on my iPad

    Who would want to help a dirty thief?
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    Of course it can? Why shouldn't it?
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    Any way to solve my iPad lagging/crashing

    That's easy. Restore to original factory settings and keep away from jailbreaking. Apple do have their reasons for restricting what an App can (and should) do, Or, if you want to keep the JB, you might have to live with it. In case you want to find out the cause of the problems, you might want...
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    Honorary Knighthood for Steve Jobs Blocked by Then UK PM Gordon Brown

    Well, what did he do for Britain? After all, he lives in the US, he works in the US and his company generates its revenue in the US. He doesn't even have British roots. So why should he be given a knighthood?
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    How do I use my iPad in another country?

    Roaming can be a real issue, I don't recommend it. EU has had providers put a cap on it, which means that after 50 Euros, your data-connection is cut. Personally, I reached that limit after approx. 30 minutes when I was in France. Getting a prepaid Micro-SIM might be a better (and cheaper)...
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    iPad on holiday concern

    where will you be flying from? I have my iPad with me on all my flights and I'v ebeen flying from Europe to the US, to South Africa, etc. Nobody ever took my iPad 'for further investigation'. Sometimes, when returning home, German customs accuse me of having bought it in the US and want me to...
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    How to tell if iPhone is an original?

    Well, I wouldn't call it a fake... it's just not an iPhone. And they don't say it is. Actually, the explicitly say that it isn't. Dual SIM? iPhone doesn't have that Java? Not on an iPhone Memory Card? The iPhone doesn't have that. If you read the description, you'll find the following...
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    Apple has Massive Plans for MobileMe Revamp

    I guess we all have different requirements. Personally, I've been using MobileMe right from the start, when it was still called It does exactly what I need it to do. I use it to synch my calendars between different devices (3 Macs, 2 iPhones, 1 iPad), in order for my wife, daughter...
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    Zaggmate Keyboard Help

    Could that be the one marked 'Delete'?
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    May 21st 2011 ~ END OF THE WORLD?

    Actually, if it referred to the Maya-calendar, the date would be December 21st, 2012. So I guess it's something else.
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    iBooks has built-in jailbreak-protection

    When I read this today, at first I couldn't believe it, but when I checked it, I found the info to be true. On jailbroken devices, iBooks will throw an error and tell you to reset your iPad if you try to open an eBook for reading. The background is that iBooks will try to load an unsigned...
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    ipad erased going thru airport security - twice!

    I've taken mine through Airport Security in more countries and airports than I can count, never with any issues.
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    Cord help

    mechanically, it sounds as though you are looking for a camera-connection kit which gives your iPad a USB-socket. I'm afraid the iPad won't support the GPS-device though for lack of drivers.
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    issues with voluming turning itself down with ear phones

    I had a similar issue with my iPad in a case once. It had slightly moved, so a tiny part of the case rested on the toggle-switch for the volume. Specially when watching movies on a train with the iPad resting on my knees, it happened that it shifted in its case, locking the toggle-switch in...
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    Hello from South Africa

    Howzit! Greetings from a homesick ex-Capetonian now located in dark, cold Germany. Have fun with your iPad!
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    Ipad works with flash???

    I think 'flawlessly' isn't quite the right term here. I have friends with Android-tablets who always complain that flash drains their batteries faster than they can recharge, that the tablet gets extremely hot when they use flash and that overall the performance of flash is comparably poor. So...
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    apps e cydia

    Which apps did you download? A lot of them aren't accessible vie Springboard. You may find the settings in 'System', or they may be command-line operated. With the names of the apps it would be easier to determine if there is a problem and how it can be solved.
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    ZAGGmate Keyboard, appalling quality

    I had heard only positive things as well, that's why I was so disappointed. They had three chances to convince me and three times I was supplied a bad product. I think that's enough. For me this seems like the usual story which we have seen so many times: Good product, huge success, company...
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    What kind of keyboard to get - Docking or Bluetooth

    I have a ZAGGmate, but the quality is appalling. As mentioned in a different thread, even after two exchanges, i.e. with the third one I got, it still doesn't work. The 'craftsmanship' is bad, the inside is stock together with adhesive tape, the soldering is bad and the charging socket is badly...
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    ZAGGmate Keyboard, appalling quality

    This week, I bought a ZAGGmate Keyboard. Unpacked, charged, tried to pair it with the iPad, only to find that it was DOA. OK, shit happens, brought it back, got it exchanged. Charged it, pulled out the plug, out came the socket with it. Just like that, without putting exccessive force on...
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    The Daily - iPad's Very Own Newspaper!

    I still don't know what the hype is about. What's so new about that? There are several similar projects out there alreay (I've also subscribed to a daily on the iPad). I guess the difference is that 30% of the profits go to Apple, which isn't the case with the others.
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    Apps. Keep shutting down/black screen

    Try releasing some memory by quitting other apps that are still lurking in the background. Usually, this will help.
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    Importing and some other questions

    As in the US taxes vary from state to state, all prices are listed without tax. When you pay, the tax is put on top of the price. In my experience, that was something in the range around 7,5%. The power-adapter is able to handle 220v. You'll get a mechanical adapter to the Euro-socket for...
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    Camera Connection Kit

    Works fine for me. What did you do when this message showed up? Did you connect a camera or an SD-card? An SD-card must be formatted in a camera first to work. It needs the DCIM-folder. If this folder exists, the iPad will look for pictures in this folder. If not, it will show the error you had.
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    black friday deals

    Got some new Golf clubs. Needed a sandwedge and a lobwedge. Instead of 119,90 each, I paid 60$ for the pair (Taylor Made rac)
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    Yes! Actually, I will. Now I've got one, my wife and daugther will each get one for Christmas as well. At least then I'll have a chance of getting to use mine again. ;-)
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    Can your iPad case do this?

    Why would you want to stack bricks on it? ;-)
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    Can your iPad case do this?

    Actually, the setting on the photo doesn't mean a thing. I've seen ths done with 4 raw eggs. If you set the eggs upright and put the bricks on slowly, they can carry tons. What really means something is, if you show a heavy object in movement, e.g. a car driving over the case. If the iPad...
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    Update iOS

    you must use iTunes for that.
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    Can your iPad case do this?

    Yes, it can. Pelibox is much more robust. You can drive a car on top of it.
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    I--Pad to I Pad Bluetooth Connection Doesnt work

    You don't have to do anything. It won't work because the Bluetooth Stack isn't made for it to work. You might want to send it per email, that would work.