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    I'm not updating to 4.2.....

    Thanks for the replies. I am a little less irritated now. I just needed to vent, lol. The cord appears to be fine, but I have others I can try if I decide to attempt it again. I, too, suspect an app or corrupted file....only issue is finding it. Sigh, I'm gonna give it a rest for now but...
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    I'm not updating to 4.2.....

    I jacked with this thing for over 3 hours tonight trying to update my daughter's ipad. No sir, after all the issues I'm having, I refuse to update it now. I keep getting hung at about 1/4 way through the backup phase. I've googled this issue and I know I'm not the only one having issues. I've...
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    Best stylus for annotating?

    I like my pogo although sometimes I wish the tip was a bit smaller.
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    Case-Mate is a Supporting Vendor of!

    Personally, I'm glad they are here. I really like their products.
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    Case-Mate is a Supporting Vendor of!

    lol, ironic, huh?
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    Alice In Wonderland for iPad

    There was an update for this today, now it's more interactive. You can now "flick and drag" the items on the screen instead of tilting it. Feel like flicking candy? Now you can as well as throwing cupcakes and tossing bottles. They did a great job with this.
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    Note Taking APP....

    If you were to choose just ONE quality note taking app, what would it be? Penultimate, Sundry Notes, Paper Desk? Something else? With so many to choose from it's hard to decide. I would want something easy to use, with separate folders and some means of exporting or printing....something...
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    Low Memory!! Is there an app for that?

    So what caused it and what did you do to fix it?
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    Two case reviews

    Glad you liked them. I think the designs and colors are great. I was looking for something stylish and this was it. How do you like the Checkmate design?
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    ipad camera conection accessory

    Anyone get theirs yet? I'm curious as to what it's capable of. EDIT: Never mind, I just saw the other thread. Lots of good information.
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    Two case reviews

    I agree about the switch and ear phone plug, but I rarely use it while still in the case. As for the fit, I haven't seen any issues but I also have the gelli on so maybe that helps it to "grip" for a better fit in the HardCandy.
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    Two case reviews

    Hi. The gelli was easy to install. What I would recommend is sliding the top of the iPad (the end with the switches) into the case first, then work the remaining sides and bottom around the edges of the device. It took a little effort, but it fits snug and does not feel as if it will come off...
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    Two case reviews

    The rest of the photos- sorry for the quality, they were taken with my phone.
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    Two case reviews

    Ok, since both of my cases arrived today, I decided to give a brief review of them as promised. I ordered the Hard Sleeve from HardCandy Cases and the iPad Gelli from case-mate. First I will cover the HardCandy case. Overall I am happy with this case. I haven't seen any other case like this...
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    Anyone rent movies from itunes?

    Personally I don't care for the restrictions either so I just don't rent. There are several free tv episodes and movies on iTunes though. I just got the first episode of Planet Earth HD for free. I usually will buy or use Netflix though. No renting for me.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    I ordered both the HardCandy Hard Shell case and the Case-Mate Gelli for my iPad. I should have them both in a few days and will post a quick review of them.
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    free ipad photo editing program

    Just installed...thx for the heads up, I initially missed this while browsing the app store. Nice find.
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    What type of phone do you use?

    Blackberry Storm least until Verizon gets the iPhone.
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    Just wanted to say....

    Hi. I just bought an iPad last week for my daughter and we love it. There seems to be some good people here so we look forward to our stay. See you on the forums!