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  1. Tinman

    iDisplay review: A cheap second monitor

    Never-mind. I see iDisplay has not been updated since September of last year--before iOS 5 let alone 5.1. I seriously doubt it will have iPad retina support anytime soon. Air Display will work in retina on iPad 3 as soon as Apple approves the next update. I will wait for that. Michael
  2. Tinman

    iDisplay review: A cheap second monitor

    Can you report how well it handles video? Also I am guessing it doesn't support the the new iPad (meaning in retina). I have Air Display but it doesn't have a retina version yet--and the current version is acting strange for me. Michael
  3. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    Well so far OS X Lion has killed all my Mac remote control apps that I had been using: Pocket Cloud and Splashtop. Tried iTap VNC and it wouldn't work either. The issue is that Lion is now a true multiuser OS now so you must logon to the Mac remotely using user credentials. Simple going in using...
  4. Tinman

    Black or white iPad 2?

    Yes. A man that has apparently never seen a Kindle. :D Michael
  5. Tinman

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    Every iPhone since 2008 is 3G and can do the same thing in a much smaller package. ;) Michael
  6. Tinman

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    Rarely use it for music. I listen to music when working out and moving around too much for something as large as an iPad. So I only keep a small collection of songs on it. My iPhone is my main portable music player. Wish the poll had more granularity. If it was always, semi-frequently...
  7. Tinman

    How to activate the best secret feature in your iPad

    I honestly don't see this as a good thing. It moves from an intuitive, super easy to understand, interface to one where you need to keep track of what gestures do what, and where. Heck I had forgotten that on my Macbook I can use two fingers for pinch and zoom on a Web page. But even that is...
  8. Tinman

    Using location feature on wifi only iPad

    Yes registering with Skyhook is pointless now as Apple stopped using them beginning with the release of the iPad 1. As for location services on wifi only iPad for me it has worked better than I would have imagined, using just wifi. I have said this before but will say it again about how it...
  9. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    Because you don't know how to do something you blame the app? Uh, ok. Sorry, but I use Splashtop away from my home network no problems whatsoever for both Mac and PC. And no I do not use the hand-holding feature added to Windows. I'd rather control access myself. Port forwarding is not...
  10. Tinman

    Remote desktop applications

    If it works at home and not while away you probably need to configure your router to forward port 3389 to the local PC. You would then have a different iTap RDP connection that uses your router's public IP address instead of the local IP address. If your router's public IP address is...
  11. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    PocketCloud is both a VNC and RDP client and works with the iPhone and iPad (and touch of course). I don't really use it for RDP much, as I prefer iTap RDP for that. But it PocketCloud is good enough to do both if you only wanted one app. I use the Pro version which is 14.99. There was no...
  12. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    No it is not RDP. Logmein installs its own proprietary server component which on Windows is registered as a service. This means it is loaded when the machine starts up, and before you have logged in, assuming you need to login. Splashtop, OTOH, does not load as a service: it does not start till...
  13. Tinman

    Do you leave your iPad on while charging it?

    Actually consistently running down lithium-based batteries, such as in the iPad, will shorten their life, not lengthen. It's best to top if off when possible. But it is also good to use it regularly too. So if you don't use your iPad on battery power too often it is recommended to go through...
  14. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    TeamViewer is not RDP either. It uses a form of VNC. RDP is a service provided under pro or higher versions of Windows by default (but home versions can be hacked to enable it too). RDP does not need or use third-party server software. So anything that requires the installation of software on...
  15. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    If by RDP you meant Remote Desktop Client then Splashtop is not it: it is not in anyway a remote desktop client. It uses its own remote server app, not RDP. It does not run as a service under Windows so is not available after a reboot. Moreover while Splashtop is great for multimedia it is...
  16. Tinman

    Remote App between iPad and iPhone

    Yep... Tango does exactly that. I also use the Stereo Speakers app between iPad and iPhone which works surprisingly well for what it is (plays left and right stereo via wifi or bluetooth using two iOS devices). It actually stays in sync and the combined sound, while not high fidelity, is...
  17. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    iTap RDP allows that. Under advanced settings when configuring a connection there is a place to enter a remote program and working directory as well. Currently the only other RDP app I have loaded is PocketCloud and I could not find that ability within it (though perhaps I missed it)...
  18. Tinman

    Texting from ipad

    TextFree for iPad seems pretty good. Michael
  19. Tinman

    Calendar app, just noticed......

    This was present in the original iPhone, from nearly 4 years ago. Back then we wondered why the weather app, not available by default on iPad, didn't do likewise. That weather app still shows sunny and 73 degrees fahrenheit even now lol. Michael
  20. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    FileReflex is not a Remote Control app... it's a remote file access app. Big difference. Moreover it has almost no reviews at the App Store... just two one-star reviews. Does not mean it is not good; but makes me a bit leery. Michael
  21. Tinman

    Is there an app to acess and work with a MS Access Database Files

    I think you can forget about this... As someone who has developed applications using MS Access as both the front and (Jet) backend DB I would love it too on my iPad. Heck I would be happy to just have it on my Macs. Michael
  22. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    Oh ok... good point.
  23. Tinman

    Best Remote Desktop App

    It's not targeted really towards IT maintenance: it's more for speed and the ability to actually play media, flash, etc., much smoother than any other remote app out there that I have tried. If I need to get into a PC with Splashtop, that has been rebooted, or that I have rebooted...
  24. Tinman

    ipad and MacBook Air

    As an FYI my best results with Boom are when I have it set no more than 70%, and regular volume no more than 80% or so. This is clear and not distorted, yet still noticeably louder than having just the regular volume at 100%. Never use it for music. But for video it's great to have. I sometimes...
  25. Tinman

    ipad and MacBook Air

    Ironically I had started to mention about using Air Display--which is pretty cool indeed. Alas for me it didn't seem to be quick enough. May have been something else, or that I wanted to use it for watching a Netflix movie, but I know I felt a lag. I will try it again though... I do love the...
  26. Tinman

    ipad and MacBook Air

    In my opinion once you get past the size and silver case the Air and the iPad are not really that similar. In fact it is like being in two different worlds... both have their place. Yet they do go together well. I have a Windows laptop... which can boot Windows or Ubuntu. Do I think it and...
  27. Tinman

    ipad and MacBook Air

    Glad it helped! You will love the iPad 2. Michael
  28. Tinman

    Who wants to go to lunch?

    While those transplanted NY pizza places are often better than usual, I have been to many and none have really been as good as the real deal. I think it's more than just the know-how. It's the supplies too... maybe even the water lol. One thing that I cannot get used to is "sausage" topping...
  29. Tinman

    ipad and MacBook Air

    I have an iPad 1 and a MB Air. I had an iPad 2 but returned it for the Air--originally was going to sell the iPad 1 and just upgrade to the 2. In my case I was kind of needing a laptop too, though the irony is that the reason it is "kind of" is because of the iPad. But right now the iPad and...
  30. Tinman

    Apple vs. Flash

    I am tired of the flash stuff as much as anyone. But this person didn't just say something like "OMG where is Flash?" Or "OMG I can't get to most of the Internet--I just found this out!" or "WTF is wrong with Apple, there is NO FLASH in my iPad????" He just wanted to know how we all feel about...
  31. Tinman

    Apple Inside Secrets

    I am also in the "this is BS" camp. Let's see... better optical drives? Sure. We all go into Apple stores with our DVD collection to watch movies. Not. In fact I can't recall ever seeing an optical drive in an Apple demo machine being used. I'm sure they have been but it's not on my list of...
  32. Tinman

    Power off isn't closing apps

    Me annoyed? Hardly. Odd conclusion to come to though. <shrug> You weren't the only one posting in this thread. Just because you start a thread doesn't mean every reply is to you. Specifically, if I were to take the time to manually close each icon in the task switcher... every day... well...
  33. Tinman

    Power off isn't closing apps

    I don't understand what the issue is here. If you don't want to launch apps from the app switcher.... don't. Personally I love having my most used apps right there for quick access. And if they are not running they are not consuming any resources. They are merely an entry in plist. But to get...
  34. Tinman

    What's the difference between the iPad wifi and iPad wifi + 3g?

    If you are jailbroken you can use just about any bluetooth GPS receiver if you use the app BTStack GPS (it's $5). I can get a GPS receiver that will work with this combo for as little as $25. One advantage to using an external GPS unit is you can position it for to better see the sky...
  35. Tinman

    What's the difference between the iPad wifi and iPad wifi + 3g?

    Cheap Garmin 100 times better? That is kinda out there, and not at all true. I have compared my iPhone 4 to dedicated GPS units and it faired very well. Not to mention it was usually able to obtain a fix faster as it had the advantage of a cellular connection. Walking into, say, a huge mall...
  36. Tinman

    What's the difference between the iPad wifi and iPad wifi + 3g?

    No, it has a genuine GPS chipset. You don't even need to be connected to any cell tower to use... nor do you need to even activate 3G to use the GPS functionality. As for the quality of the iPad 3G's GPS chipset... well if you like the iPhone 4's it's about the same thing in the iPad. Indeed...
  37. Tinman

    Confused....Where are my apps?

    To be clear, the jailbreak did not remove any apps. It was the restore you did first that did. Your apps have to be reinstalled any time you do a full restore. But as stated above a simple iTunes sync will bring them back. I did not choose to do a full restore to jailbreak. I merely updated to...
  38. Tinman

    4.3.1 Cydia Apps - *compatibility list*

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this. Wish I could add to it but you covered all the apps I use. :) Thanks again! Michael
  39. Tinman

    Trading for 1st gen...

    How-To Install iMovie on 1st Gen iPad | How-To | The Mac Observer That one needs a $5 utility from Apple but I think I read in the comments... in either that or another how-to.. that there is an older tool that works too and is free. So you might want to look around. Michael
  40. Tinman

    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    I don't know about anyone else but closed threads give me the creeps.