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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    Certainly not an iPad killer. I can not imagine anyone that wants an iPad buying this thing instead.
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    Next Gen iPad/Trackball

    I made a new stand for my iPad which allows me to mount it on the back of my magical unicorn"s head while I am riding it!
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    So I went on a little vacation with the iPad

    Just a 4 hour trip by car. I was not driving. I was in the passenger seat navigating with the iPad GPS. The iPad turned out to be an enormous asset for traveling. The GPS was great but the GPS combined with internet access was tremendous. Very nice for checking on times when various...
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    When I rent a movie on iTunes how do I play it?

    I am stuck in a hotel and decided to rent a movie from the iTunes store. Took forever to download and now I do not know where it is or how to access it. It does not seem to show up in my iPod app. Slight pain in the buttocks. This is my first apple device so I am not a long term iTunes...
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    My iPad is dying...

    mine seems to be about 10% per hour.
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    I was sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced.

    Of course, I was happily surfing etc on my iPad (they have wi-fi so I did not even need my 3G). One of the service techs asks me about it and pretty soon I am giving a couple of them a demonstration of all the awesomeness. I think I sold a couple more iPads. A couple minutes later another guy...
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    The iPad Show

    WTF is the iPad show?
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    Second Gen iPad this year

    If the only difference were size and camera(s) I would not care either way. I like the size of mine and have no interest in a camera. The only thing I would improve on my iPad is a faster 3g connection (that may be because the at&t network is not up to speed in my area) and more apps that I...
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    charging the battery

    I have nver fully drained mine but I had it down to about 19% one time. I think it took about 2 hours from there to full.
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    What is your ipads name?

    My Precious (Tolkienn Fans will understand)
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    My new ear phones do not work.

    Yep, that was it. Thanks.
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    My new ear phones do not work.

    Actually I am probably doing something stupid. I bought them from the aplenty store. It said they are compatible with the iPad. I plug them in but the sound still comes out of the speaker and not the ear phones. These are the ear phones: Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic - Apple...
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    magazines and newspapers on iPad

    I have subscribed to USA Today and Popular Mechanics. I typically just read the magazine/newspaper and only on rare occasions do I click a link. The display is as visually pleasing as the print versions. I find the ability to zoom in or out with pictures and texts makes it superior to...
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    How do you clean the fingerprints off the iPad screen?

    Hmmm.....wonder what an oleo phobic coating might be. Something scared of oil. Wonder how many windex cleanings are required to dissolve it?
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    Eye-Strain while using iBooks (iStrain?)

    Here's a tip. If you are no longer interested in a particular subject, stop reading threads about that subject. When people join a forum they talk about whatever interests them. It keeps the forum alive. The fact that you have already discussed it does not mean no one else can. Again, if...
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    Eye-Strain while using iBooks (iStrain?)

    I have seen numerous posts about eye-strain caused when using the iPad as an ereader. I have finished one book and I am halfway through another and I have not experienced any eye-strain at all. I read for an hour or two at a time and find it perfectly comfortable. Are people just really...
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    Apps that I actually use.

    Things I use regularly: iTunes - Free (I have purchased a handful of songs an videos so far) iPod - Free iBooks - Free (I did pay for two books so far) Safari - Free Mail - Free USA Today - Free The Weather Channel - Free Things I use occasionally: Maps - Free Netflix - Free Zinio - Free...
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    How Many Of You Use The iPad Even When...

    I play games occasionally and for those I still use my pc. I have a laptop but I never use that on my lap. It is portable but mostly I transport it from my desk at home to my desk at work. Right now I am sitting in a recliner watching the late show. I would now want a laptop on my lap...
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    Safe to charge iPad whilst in case?

    I have mine in a neoprene cover type thing. I do not have it in a leather portfolio so it may not be the same. Having said that, mine charges with no issues. Cool as a cucumber (or vegetable of your choice).
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    Does anyone know if Pages comes with an equation editor?

    I did a little searching myself and saw MathType mentioned a lot with iWorks. apparently there is no MathType app for the iPad yet though. The thing I find odd I'd that MathType is not an Apple product. Apple"s proprietary word processor not having an equation editor is really strange. I just...
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    Does anyone know if Pages comes with an equation editor?

    Your right about the Greek alphabet. With no equation editor Pages is of extremely limited value to me I'm afraid. :(
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    Does anyone know if Pages comes with an equation editor?

    I am not trying to get a working formula. I write some mathematical texts and just need the ability to write the functions or equations. I need exponents, I need subscripts, I need a fraction bar where I can have a polynomial numerator and denominator etc. I also need the Greek alphabet. :)
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    Does anyone know if Pages comes with an equation editor?

    I need the ability to insert mathematical functions in a way similar to MSWord equation editor.
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    iPad keyboard - arrow keys or lack thereof

    This is a very minor issue but I still hope it is just something I am missing. I frequently visit a forum which allows me to edit my posts after I submit them. The problem is that sometimes the text I have typed does not fit into the forum's text box. When I go back It opens the text box and...
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    Happy or unhappy with ipad?

    I check email every day. With an Ipad I do not have to wait for the pc to boot up. I also check a couple of websites every day and again, the iPad is a convenient way to do that. If I am already sitting at the computer it does not matter but when I am sitting in my den or bedroom it is...
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    Could Microsoft Office be Heading to the iPad?

    I really need at least MS Word on this thing.
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    How do I know that my Ipad is using my home Wifi and not 3g

    This may be a stupid question but how do I know that when I am at home the Ipad is using wifi to access the internet rather than 3g? I would hate for it to be using up my 2g of data while I am 10 feet from my wireless router. It does recognize my network and it says wi-fi is on in my settings.
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    Some Fast Fed Ex Facts on iPad Shipping

    Mine took 28 hours to get from Shenzen China to Raleigh North Carolina. Raleigh is 1 hour away. It has been in Raleigh NC since about 7pm Friday evening. Not sure why it was not delivered Saturday. Hope it gets here tomorrow. I have much better luck with UPS
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    1. Websurfing from the recliner, or away from home etc. 2. Music videos while on the treadmill. 3. As a planner/calendar. 4. Email 5. Magazines 6. Books I suspect I will find other uses after I get it but I definitely think these 6 uses will be a huge part of it.
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    Woo hoo, iPad has shipped!!!!

    Mine was scanned in Memphis Tennessee This morning at 1 am local time (2 am my time). Apple originally gave me a July 9 delivery dat. When Fed ex got it they changed that date to June 29th. but it is in Memphis which is only a few hours away, so I called and their automated system said it...
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    How Tough Is the ipad, poor ipad...

    What would have made this somewhat useful is if they had first dropped it and then let us see the damage and then dropped it again etc. Do that a few times and we would get some useful info in regard to its durability. Instead we get "Wow, an Ipad can be broken with a baseball bat! Who knew!!"
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    Woo hoo, iPad has shipped!!!!

    I ordered mine on the 21st. I got the notice last night (eastern US time) that the info had been transmitted to fed ex. It now shows as "in transit" LANTAU ISLAND HK. That scan was done at 9:25 am thismorning (eastern US time). The original delivery date from the apple store was July 9. Fed...