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  1. tzimisce

    Fed Up With iPad Case?

    I've had my Oberon Design case from day one, and added a moleskine-style book case from Treegloo a bit later - and I'm pretty satisfied with both. They'll outlast the life of the device, so no need to look further for me...
  2. tzimisce

    What's your favorite carry bag for the iPad and stuff?

    I use a customized Timbuk2 messenger, and they offer bags in a number of designs and sizes to fit individual needs. They're not cheap, but they are great products to own and use (and deceptively hold a lot more than you think.) cf. Timbuk2 Messenger Bag
  3. tzimisce

    Grove ipad 2 cases

    The best quality leathers (top- and full-grain) are quite tough and practically impervious to everyday wear and tear, and any minor nicks and scars simply become part of the natural texture as the hide "repairs" itself over time and should not be regarded as defects. In many instances, stubborn...
  4. tzimisce

    New Amazon Fire Tablet killing the iPad? We think not.....

    It's not so much a matter of "fairness" - but consumers will automatically make the comparison between the two, and while the iPad is not under any immediate threat from the Fire, the Fire could be Amazon's early steps to eventually make inroads into the 10” tablet market share, in a...
  5. tzimisce

    Leather Book style cases

    The important distinction to make here is that "real leather" itself is a vague term, as leather comes in many, many grades, from the high-end quality hides to the barely-legal "genuine leather" made of 98% polyurethane bonded to 2% rejected hide. The best quality leather is top-grain and...
  6. tzimisce

    Leather Book style cases

    A good quality leather, such as top-grain or full-grain leather, is practically impervious to anything, and has the added benefit of becoming more supple with continuous daily use. I have a full-grain leather iPad case from Oberon Design, which has literally travelled around the world with me...
  7. tzimisce

    iPad 1 case w/ built in screen protector?

    I've not seen any. The screen protectors I've seen are all standalone films which cover just the screen, and nothing else.
  8. tzimisce

    Confused by the provided power supply

    Yes, the firewire charger has stopped being supported for the last few generations of Apple products. I still have one which came with my 2nd gen iPod, but I don't think it would work with any of the current devices.
  9. tzimisce

    iPad with Daedalus Touch = best writing tool ever

    Well, I'll second that about Daedalus. Instant love.
  10. tzimisce

    Messenger bags for ipad2

    Heads up for Australian members: online discount outlet Peters of Kensington now are offering a number of the abovementioned Built NY neoprene messenger bags at their usual markdown price. cf.
  11. tzimisce

    Red Leather Smart Cover

    It is entirely possible that the aniline dye used for the smartcover will leach onto a polymer by direct diffusion. The problem lies in the quality of the specific dye used, and I believe Apple sells its leather smartcovers with a small-print warning that the dyes aren't fast. As a longtime...
  12. tzimisce

    Ipad 1 cam.

    I don't think there's a native device driver on iOS for an external camera, hence it will not work, regardless of whatever third-party camera you use.
  13. tzimisce

    Best ipad case?

    Insert a sheet of rubber antiskid behind the device (add more layers as needed.) That should grip the iPad in place.
  14. tzimisce

    Does a case like this exist?

    There's been a few I've seen but the first one which comes to mind is the Moleskine iPad folio -- I'm sure I've seen other less pricey/branded items on eBay as well.
  15. tzimisce

    Using the ipad 2 on the bus - is it showing off?

    Where I live, it is not uncommon to find three, four or more passengers using iPads on the bus, so no. But in other parts of the city, that would be broadcasting an invitation to get robbed.
  16. tzimisce

    Are zagg screen protectors scratch-proof?

    Zagg markets their screen protectors as military-grade and they can withstand some pretty rough treatment, but completely scratch-proof is a pretty tall order. On the other hand, they do offer a lifetime replacement guarantee on their InvisibleShield screens. (I have used Zagg and invoked their...
  17. tzimisce

    How many movies do you have on your iPad?

    1, at most 2, at any given time, but it's work-related (part of the post-production and score editing process), rather than watching for leisure.
  18. tzimisce

    safari locked up

    A memory clean with XSysInfo (from the App store) usually works for me. It's like doing a restart without actually doing it.
  19. tzimisce

    Ipad 2 cases

    I have a bunch of Saddleback Leather items, and they make just about the best leather products on the face of the planet - but I don't like the design of their iPad cases. The leather case which I do have, though, is from Oberon Design.
  20. tzimisce

    The best file manager for iPad 2

    I use GoodReader as my workaround file management app. Easy to use, interacts with most other apps I have, syncs to cloud.
  21. tzimisce

    Does Atomic Web Browser "spy" on you?

    That's the first I've heard of this - did you read about this somewhere, or is this just a speculative question?
  22. tzimisce

    Getting a Kindle even though I have an iPad?

    I use an antiglare filter on my iPad, which works very well when I'm outdoors under natural light.
  23. tzimisce

    Post iPad Cases That Look Amazing!

    Not when it first was released, it didn't. The camera port was a feature added only about a month ago, so all their iPad2 case "early adopters" didn't have the option or the port.
  24. tzimisce

    Sub Folders for Photos

    Actually I just use GoodReader - create the (sub-)folders I need, import directly e.g. via Photo app, FTP, DropBox, and there you are.
  25. tzimisce

    How to tell the difference between chargers?

    I still have a Firewire charger, which only works on our oldest surviving iPod.
  26. tzimisce

    Using iPhone charger on iPad???

    That's not really how adapters work. Essentially they are transformers which convert up or down the current and voltage supplied from the source to the rated capacity - for example, on the iPad adapter, it accepts 100-240 volts and steps it down to 5.1 volts at 2.1 amps. But adapters do not...
  27. tzimisce

    How to tell the difference between chargers?

    This is what I did to differentiate between an iPad and an iPhone/iPod adapter:
  28. tzimisce

    Using iPhone charger on iPad???

    Here's what I do to avoid confusion between our iPad and an iPhone/iPod adapters:
  29. tzimisce

    iPad won't charge at all

    This is what I've done:
  30. tzimisce

    My iPad battery empties in 1 hour

    Here's what I do to avoid confusion between an iPad and an iPhone/iPod adapter:
  31. tzimisce

    Sub Folders for Photos

    I set up my source pictures folder in iTunes with the subdirectories I need, and place the pictures in their respective subdirectories. When I sync it to iPad, I make sure that under my Photos tab, the required subdirectories are selected - and when it syncs, it will automaticaly create the...
  32. tzimisce

    Anti-Virus For ipad, Really Necessary?

    This conclusion makes totally no sense whatsoever.
  33. tzimisce

    Ipad 2 for business still a long way to reality

    First, define "business use." Because, you know, if you ask ten different "business people", you're gonna get ten sets of requirements, each requiring its own set of hardware, software and configurations. And a computer, by definition, is a tool that can be set up to accomodate specific...
  34. tzimisce

    For all IPad 2 users

    When I think about how much I'd have to pay for usual Windows or Mac software, vs the cost of an iPad app (many of which are, surprise, free!) I don't really understand the point you're trying to make here. And Apple generally leaves me well alone: the only emails I ever get from them are app...
  35. tzimisce

    Ipad 2 for business still a long way to reality

    It comes down to individual requirements, and what you need exactly as well as how your business environment has been set up. I work in a highly mobile Agile development team, and several of us have iPads that we use at stand-ups, workshops and showcases, and while we still have our...
  36. tzimisce

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    I should also add, the heft of a physical book is why I love my BookBook for iPad case --
  37. tzimisce

    Are you a Tolkien Fan?

    Over the years, I have accumulated about forty books by and about JRR Tolkien and Middle-Earth, including six versions of The Hobbit - but the most valuable (or should I say, priceless) item in my collection is a bookmark, handcrafted and ink-drawn by Professor Tolkien himself. (One of my...
  38. tzimisce

    Dodocase for iPad 2 from

    I've avoided DodoCase like the plague because their cases have repeatedly had problems with durability - e.g. corner pads falling out, frames splitting (case was not dropped), etc. If you Google "DodoCase iPad falls out" you'll even find a couple of YouTube videos showing the devices falling out...
  39. tzimisce

    Does cost matter?

    The two aren't mutually exclusive: you can find a bargain anywhere - Fleabay is just one place you can look. If people only want the original brand, there's also Amazon and Froogle and, and a whole bunch of other specialist sites (e.g. Abebooks for books, for leather items...
  40. tzimisce

    Just found this ;-)

    I believe this first appeared as an April Fool's joke on last year, which (like so many of their joke items) became a real product -- ThinkGeek :: iCADE - iPad Arcade Cabinet