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    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    I have a ipad3 16g wifi only and my inlaws iPad 2 has better reception in my apt than i do at times .My laptops have full bars while I only have 2 or1 I'm about to buy a repeater . I get free wifi from from my building so . It's not like I can move the router closer .i don't know what to do...
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    Can't login? Reset password and still not working? Check here!

    This is happening with me on my app I have to go into safari to get in just keeps sayin invalid name . Any suggestions
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    New guy

    Hi . I have an iPad 3 got it the first day on an impulse . Was hoping to sell it but tried it out and fell in love with it !!! Im a 29 year old guy from southern Maryland . I have a pet turtle . And I'm into fish tanks that's about it . Hope to meet some new People. Thanks;)