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    We have "the winter" that never ends here in Northern Illinois. Another inch of snow and winds up to 30 mile a hour. Last year was a early Spring, -this year we are running a average of 15 degrees below normal or more, every day I so have cabin fever! It was a good year to have a iPad to veg...
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    My ipad seems to kill my wifi.

    I just had this happen on my iPad and iPod yesterday out of the blue after working perfectly since new. The info provided in archangel's post worked instantly.
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    SD Card Reader

    Yes, your probably right. Even at half price, another $15 or so would save me time and figuring out savvy I could use on something more important. I ordered the Apple reader. Thanks.
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    How easily could a Good Samaritan return your iPad?

    In my way of thinking, I would want to reward someone who returned something precious to me. It wouldn't even accrue to me I was insulting someone by offering money. Some people, maybe the only grateful emotion they can have is offering money. Maybe the receiver was of that mindset. You have to...
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    SD Card Reader

    I want to view my Camera's CD card on vacation on my iPad 4 ( not the mini) to see if I got the shot right. I see Apple has one for about $30. Shark makes one for about $15. questions, If I use the reader, does the iPad automatically store the pics? Because the whole point is to view and...
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    A/V for iPad?

    Thanks, Gab, we can always depend on you for a good answer. And that's good to know, because that may be the reason my computer repair man said he had no idea how to help me if I got a virus on my iPad. Because it doesn't happen. Poor man makes a lot of money cleaning up Windows virus, he must...
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    2 Question to asked

    Thanks, Mickey,that answers that!
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    iPad II or iPad IV

    Oh, I totally agree, the thread has brought up fun and interesting questions (sorry to come come at it so focusly and intensely like) Because it really fascinates me Apple updates products even after newer versions come out. Again, a fantastic selling point.
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    2 Question to asked

    Oddly you will not find the Amazon mpg3 player in the Apple store, but it is on Amazon. And I notice it is not on my iPad, but it is on my iPod. And I downloaded it on it myself. I guess it isn't available on the iPad. Hmm, odd, as you can't download anything but Apple apps. And I don' have a...
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    Cover or not

    As the iPhone is notorisly known for breakage for even minor drops (especially the iPhone 4 and iPod 4) I would most certainly hope Apple is looking for a"better" glass source if they want to keep the full glass face on those phones,iPods, and the iPad. the very fact Apple can be talked into...
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    2 Question to asked

    The Amazon Mp3 has to be established @ Amazon, I have that on my iPod and use it way more then iTunes as songs are cheaper @ Amazon. Amazon has it's own cloud and songs can be held there or downloaded to your Apple device. Amazon also has fantastic sales from time to time on albums, had the...
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    iPad II or iPad IV

    I only have the iPad 4, but let me get this straight: If anybody buys *any* iPad model (2,3,4) ALL models are still being updated to the newest and latest operating system Apple has out. And the 2 can't update to a couple updates because it is not capable of it? But, if I understand it from the...
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    A/V for iPad?

    But what about getting a virus from somewhere you visited on safari? Because you can go anywhere on safari? Or does Just not take you to a unsafe website?
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    Apple jibed me!

    The figures still don't add up, (but $14 idea sounds right) but I was kinda' surprised about how the tax made my balance not what I was balancing/ figuring how much I had left. I do always get a email tho, and in fact I immediately get a email telling me someone bought something they didn't...
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    How long does it take to charge ipad4?

    I always wonder if charging the iPad more after it is filled is harmful? I remember reading once a repairman (who repairs iPhones and iPads in California) saying it does. In fact having a iPod or iPad always mounted on a dock wasn't a good idea for that reason. Still, if you ever felt the plug...
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    How much ram does ipad 4 have

    Wow, I didn't know that about the apps! Thanks. That reminds me about something else. I almost always do the 4 finger swipe. I just wonder how many times that button will hold up over millions of times using it. I have had repairmen saying they do have to replace them.
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    iPad 4 will not connect to internet

    And most importantly, does it have a check in front of it like the illustration has? If it doesn't you will have to tap it. Just listing the connection isn't enough. that network is only connected if it has the check in front of it. The same will be true when you try to connect at public places.
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    Snugg case is it worth buying

    For me, I want the corners covered. I have a cover on my kindle like the snugg, with just those snaps in corners. It humps the whole tablet up, making it thicker. I like the thinness of the iPad, part of why it's so cool. And the Apple cover has that all over cover of the iPad like Yoobao. I...
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    Snugg case is it worth buying

    I did almost order Snugg case yesterday on Amazon where is runs about $25. But when I read all the reviews I seem a picture of a Yooboa leather case that I liked better. It had better leather (the cowgirl in me appreciates fine leather)and I liked and needed protected corners. That case cost me...
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    Otterbox-Too Weighty for Ipad 1????

    I didn't even know one could buy a iPad 1 still, used I assume? At any rate you will certainly get $100 use out of it. I tried a few cases on my iPod 4, which is well known for it's easiest of all breakable screen. The otter box was a bit too bulky for me, but maybe I should have kept it for...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

    One thing for sure, Apple doesn't! Know how to tell time. The Email said BF sale would stArt 12:01 California time . that's 2 am my time. They're Already 10 mins. late.
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    Apple Posts First Black Friday Sale Details

    Idownloadblogs has report of some Apple Store prices (from countries that are hours ahead of us in USA. Some reports IPad $498 save $41 IPad 2 $398 save &31 IPod touch 5 $298 save $31 IPod touch 4 $194 save $25 Nano $158 Smart case $44 save $15 " leather smart case $58 save $21 Apple earbuds...
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    iPadForums Would Like to Wish Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Midwest ! I'm making the whole deal like I do every year for the family, turkey with everything that goes with it, pies, fudge. And then serve up the leftovers to the guys before the girls and I go Black Friday Shopping tonight. Luckily Apple Store website online is...
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    What are you reading now?

    Charlie, that "Zen" book is way more than anything about motorcycles. I just finished Anna Karenina (again) I read it many years ago, but I am wanting to see the new Movie release of it (I think AK has been in movie form 11 times, and every love story has some elements of it) I am almost done...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

    I did check the BB add and found that deal on the 4 (glad to know I wasn't going crazy) At any rate, that is a good deal and I haven't found any discounts anywhere on the 4 (unless Apple has one tonight.) As a rule, the great Black Friday deals on anything are those things the store only has...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

    I thought it was the 4, but I wouldn't be surprised if the "new" iPad they were talking about was the 3. And if that was the case the apple store has the best deal on 3s. In fact, I would be checking 12 midnight Pacific time on the Apple store for the best deals as the local stores are pretty...
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    Apple Posts First Black Friday Sale Details

    I have a iPod sitting in the Apple shopping cart if Apple's BF swings me a sweet deal! Not many Apple bargains on the other sites this year.
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    Anybody know what's up about how to sign in on the Skype app! I see the reviews have the same problem I am having. How the heck do you even get a password or user name!?
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

    Check Best Buy (ad is up on the net) $50 gift card with the 4. Trouble is, standing in line....
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    white ipad discolour ?

    My iPad 4 is white if I am viewing it with a lamp or the window light. In the dark with only the iPad light it is very cream color, almost buckskin color. That is when I am usually using it. In qfact, I was amazed weeks latter viewing in the light that it was even white! Of course, if I ever had...
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    Is there an iPad 4???!!

    At WalMart today there were little Xeroxed sheets up "We have the new retina iPad" ask to see it. Yes, indeed, because the only iPad anybody could see was the iPad 2 WalMart has been selling. I have watched the section where that iPad 2 is enshrined in a big plastic case. I even asked them to...
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    What do they do with those "exchanged" iPads?

    I have heard the profit margin is slim to seller (not Apple stores) so to go further with the best buy example, BB resells a open box iPad @ 10%. This I know from experience. For that, you buy a slightly used iPad with less time on the guarantee. My curious mind (remember I already confessed as...
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    Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Thank you to all for the informing help on the threads. It's pure gold! Cyndy
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    What do they do with those "exchanged" iPads?

    I do know Best buy can sell them as open box @ a reduced price. Make note, Apple still start the warranty from the first sale date. I asked why people take them back (before the iPad 3 fiasco) and they said things like, wanted bigger memory,etc. one would think Apple would make a better deal for...
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    Refurbished iPad 3 on Apple Store Sold Out

    I checked Apple Store out for relative that wanted a 16. The 16 s are sold out. The other models are still available. They will be able to be picked up @ Apple Stores starting the 15th. If you know someone who was "kinda" thinking of that "limited" deal, they better get snapping!
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    White really Buckskin color?

    Well, I see why it's yellowish. I brought it home turned it on, snapped it in sleep cover and never seen it anytime but with the glow of the light. Off, it's white, on ivory. I really never seen a white iPad. Personally I was thinking ever other brand's tablet is black, only Apple has white...
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    White really Buckskin color?

    I chose white for my iPad 4. It sure isn't white. It's cream. It's really the color of a buckskin. And it's kinda' disappointing. And I sure don't want to take it back. Is the white not really white?
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    For ipad 4 owners-how is overheating now

    There is heat where the cord plugs into the plug thingy. But that is the same with my laptops too. Otherwise neither my iPad 3 (only had less then 30 days) or the 4 never had heating up on the iPad itself.
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    Apple upgrade for iPAD 4

    Thanks, Skull, I do tend to over think (sometimes it works out, sometimes not) What you said makes sense. Really, the iPad 3 "reconditioned" Apple is selling is a tremendous deal if you look at it that way. Really, I don't see much difference between the two, except the plug.