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    SD Card Reader

    I want to view my Camera's CD card on vacation on my iPad 4 ( not the mini) to see if I got the shot right. I see Apple has one for about $30. Shark makes one for about $15. questions, If I use the reader, does the iPad automatically store the pics? Because the whole point is to view and...
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    Anybody know what's up about how to sign in on the Skype app! I see the reviews have the same problem I am having. How the heck do you even get a password or user name!?
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    Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Thank you to all for the informing help on the threads. It's pure gold! Cyndy
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    Refurbished iPad 3 on Apple Store Sold Out

    I checked Apple Store out for relative that wanted a 16. The 16 s are sold out. The other models are still available. They will be able to be picked up @ Apple Stores starting the 15th. If you know someone who was "kinda" thinking of that "limited" deal, they better get snapping!
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    White really Buckskin color?

    I chose white for my iPad 4. It sure isn't white. It's cream. It's really the color of a buckskin. And it's kinda' disappointing. And I sure don't want to take it back. Is the white not really white?
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    Newbie iPad Owner

    Newbie iPad owner here. Well, between iPads really, as I returned my 30 day iPad 3 to Best Buy just 4 days before it expired when I heard about the iPad 4 announcment. Oddly, I had the first gen Kindle Fire and was mad they replaced it after only a year. I decided to up it to the best (Apple)...