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  1. kitjv

    Problem Uploading Photos from CF Memory Card

    I will be traveling in France in June & want to use my iPad Retina to backup my photos. As noted below, I'm having difficulty uploading photos to my iPad. Since I will not be traveling with a laptop, that eliminates some options. The Problem: I want to upload photos from my Canon DSLR...
  2. kitjv

    Using iPad4 in Europe

    I plan to get the new iPad4 (AT&T version) from the Apple store here in the U.S. Please correct me if I am wrong in my understanding. This iPad is unlocked & comes with an AT&T SIM chip. When traveling in Europe, I will be able to swap out the SIM for a country-specific SIM for use on that...
  3. kitjv

    Uploading Photos from Lightroom 4

    How do I upload photos from my Adobe Lightroom 4 library? Or from my Mac desktop? Thank you.
  4. kitjv

    ? How to Delete Duplicate Events in Calendar?

    Join Date: Sep 2005 Posts: 5 Duplicates in Calendar permalink The calendar on my iPad2 is synced via iCloud...
  5. kitjv

    App Backup on iCoud?

    Now that I have ungraded my iPad2 to iOS5 & my Macs to Lion, my iPad2 calendar, contacts & bookmarks seem to sync flawlessly through iCloud. Question: do I still need to contact my iPad2 to my Mac to update all iPad apps? Thank you kindly.
  6. kitjv

    New To Forum

    I have had the iPad2 since it's introduction. Although as a long-time Mac user I find the iPad to be very intuitive, it is nice to have a resource when issues occur. Kit
  7. kitjv

    App Store Download Problem

    I want to download an iBook from the App Store. On my iPad2, when I go to Settings > Store > Books to turn on automatic downloads, the "on" button will stay on for a couple of seconds then automatically revert back to "off". Can someone please help? Thank you.