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  1. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    I finally got a reply from sound booster website. Actually the inventor himself wrote me back. He said he's received many emails regarding the publics doubtness of his invention since there's no actual image of the device on his demo videos and he understand but he still can not reveal the...
  2. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    Seems like there's good reviews on it but for $59 bucks, I'll pass and don't like sticking anything in my ear.
  3. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    I've wrote to the website admin for Acoustic Booster for iPad. I'll post what I hear from them when I receive an response.
  4. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    Just got info on this sound device from my buddy. He checked it out and he said the device is legit and provisional patent application has been submitted to USPTO. He can't give me any other information because it's a patent pending application and it will be in secrecy until provisional patent...
  5. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    Earphone gives me rashes after some time..sigh and Airport express is too expensive and I can't carry it with me when I'm on the go. Have anyone tried Wowee one?
  6. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    I already called him and he'll look into it. He said he can't give me any information on the mechanics or how it looks like since the patent pending inventions are held in secrecy before it's general publication date but he can give me either "yes" or "no" answer. I understand, he needs to cover...
  7. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    Website says "Patent Pending" and it's not for sale to the general public. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and I think since it's "patent pending" they do not want to show the device itself publically so maybe copycats will not copy their idea over seas, especially in China? I...
  8. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    I was surfing the internet to see if there was any app that will increase the volume of my iPad and I found this pretty cool device instead. I don't think it's out in the market yet but if it ever come out, I'm definitely getting one if price is reasonable. What intrigues me is that it does...
  9. netkrazed

    Jailbreak or not?

    Thanks for your reply and will do.
  10. netkrazed

    Is the AppleCare a waste of money?

    Ya know, you have the money... sure but if you don't and want to take chances... no. If it was a 3000 led TV, I would get it for sure but for a 500 dollar item, I don't know. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  11. netkrazed

    Jailbreak or not?

    I hear so much about this subject. Is it worth it jailbreak? If it is, what is potential repercussion?
  12. netkrazed

    Best Office App?

    Glad I joined this forum. I'm a Apple newbie and getting ton of info from this site!
  13. netkrazed

    iPad Printing on HP Printer

    Thanks for this info. I really needed it!
  14. netkrazed

    ipad 3,4,5,etc etc

    Wow.. didn't even know it had one. THANK YOU!!!
  15. netkrazed

    ipad 3,4,5,etc etc

    i want a vpn capability so I can do some work from home and flash player would be nice.
  16. netkrazed

    Remote desktop

    I would also like to have a VPN capability but wishful thinking?
  17. netkrazed

    What is DELL thinking ? Ipad Fail??

    Good one! Techinically, Manhattan which has population over 10million is an island also.
  18. netkrazed

    App for a Two-year Old Boy?

    my six month old daughter loves to play with "Vituoso" piano app. Little Mozart in the making!
  19. netkrazed

    What is DELL thinking ? Ipad Fail??

    There's a quote we use at my company for Dell... it's Dell from Hell!
  20. netkrazed

    will 16gb be enough for me?

    I'm kicking myself in the head for getting a 16gb iPad2. Spend little more and get the 32gb if possible. Sigh~
  21. netkrazed

    Is it just me or does IPAD2 camera really stink?

    It's just not you. iPad2 camera is not the best thing but for picture taking, I'll stick with a real digital camera or iPhone.
  22. netkrazed

    Why did you buy your iPad?

    God bless you! My friend's wife is a breast cancer survivor and been going on 5 years after her initial doctor told her she only had few good years left even with the treatment. My prayers and enjoy your iPad!
  23. netkrazed

    Why did you buy your iPad?

    My wife spilled a hot soup all over her Dell laptop back in January and instead getting another laptop, we went with the iPad. Best little gismo we ever owned. She loves the simplicity and portability of the iPad.
  24. netkrazed

    iPad 1 Still Selling Like Hot Cakes

    Yup, button layout is much more easier on the first iPad. They should of kept the first gen casing for sure.
  25. netkrazed

    iPad 1 Still Selling Like Hot Cakes

    I'm definitely purchasing iPad 1 as backup. It's still a very good product especially at 299.
  26. netkrazed

    iPad 2 volume button and casing.

    Anyone have issues with reaching volume button on the side with ipad2? Seems like I'm so use to ipad, i keep missing it. Also, I like the flat side design better than current angled one.
  27. netkrazed

    is iPad1 worth buying at $399 (16GB wifi)

    Wow.. apple is moving fast. Will they still have support for ipad after next year or so? $299 at verizon seems like a super price to me for a ipad.
  28. netkrazed

    is iPad1 worth buying at $399 (16GB wifi)

    yeah... i got mine the first day it was out. plain 16gb wifi. Since wife and I both have iphones, didn't wanted to spend extra dollars for the 3G.
  29. netkrazed

    Great external speakers for iPad

    Nice. There's few out there in the market but it costs anywhere from 50 - 80 bucks. Will ipad speakers ever sound louder than how dismal it is currently? I believe they are only allocating 2W for the speakers? I guess most of the wattage is for the screen and processor... sigh~
  30. netkrazed

    Im confused

    I didn't know there was a such wait time for international buyers. Glad I stood in the line at the Bestbuy on the first day!
  31. netkrazed

    is iPad1 worth buying at $399 (16GB wifi)

    Even though I own a iPad2, I'm thinking about buying to iPad1 as a backup. At $399, should I wait until Xmas to see if the price drop any lower? I have a feeling iPad3 may be coming our near Xmas time. Also, will Apple soon fade iPad out like they did with iphone 2 when iPad 3 comes out?
  32. netkrazed

    How much should i sell my ipad 2 on craigslist?

    I would never sell my iPad2 unless iPad3 is coming out next month!
  33. netkrazed

    Another new guy

    Glad I'm here. Became an Apple supporter after my wife purchased her first iPhone 4 back in September. We've been Apple crazed since. Got the iPad2 on the first day standing at the local Bestbuy store line. We LOVE IT except for the sound output but still we love it.