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  1. teralpar

    Warm iPad Mini w/Retina Display

    Is it normal for an iPad Mini w/Retina to get warm after about an hour of use? I just purchased one today and it's gotten pretty warm since I've used it. I haven't played any games on it...just mainly downloading apps and music. My old iPad Mini (1st gen) never got warm.
  2. teralpar

    Bluetooth Not Working

    I am trying to pair my iPad Mini with my Samsung Galaxy 2 phone, but for some reason each device will not detect the other, stating "Make sure 'Epic 4G Touch' is turned on and in range." Both devices' Bluetooth are turned on and visible. What am I doing wrong?
  3. teralpar

    Apps Won't Download

    Hello... I have been trying to download several apps that are free for iTunes 5th anniversary, but all have been in "waiting" status and will not download onto my iPad Mini. I deleted all of the apps I was trying to download from my desktop and tried to download only one of the apps (How to Cook...
  4. teralpar

    iOS Version of TV Portal?

    I really enjoy watching TV shows that aren't available on Netflix, Hulu, etc. on TV Portal using my Android phone. Apparently there is no iOS version of TV Portal? Is there an app comparable to TV Portal available thru the App Store? Sent from my Black iPad Mini 16GB using iPF
  5. teralpar

    Photos with iPad Mini Camera

    Just curious as to know if any of you use your iPad Mini to take photos on a regular basis (or any other iPad)... Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
  6. teralpar

    Sold Google Nexus 7 for iPad Mini

    I originally purchased a Google Nexus 7 back in August 2012 and loved it. Then I received an iPad 2 a couple of months ago and really loved it...I hardly used my Nexus once I got the iPad. I had to sell my iPad 2 a few weeks ago, thinking that as long as I still had my Nexus 7 I wouldn't miss it...
  7. teralpar


    I am trying to pair my iPad 2 with my Android phone so that I can transfer photos via Bluetooth from my phone to my iPad. It doesn't seem to be working...I have Bluetooth enabled on both devices but for some reason they will not connect to each other while in discovery mode. What am I doing...
  8. teralpar

    iPad 4 w/ 16GB Owners

    I have a question for those who own an iPad 4 (or 3) with 16GB…How many of you are satisfied with the amount of memory you have? What do you mainly use your iPad for? Do you think you should have purchased 32GB or 64GB instead?
  9. teralpar

    Headache with iPad 2

    I just received an iPad 2 as a gift last week. I am loving it so far; however, I've noticed that since I've had it that I've been getting frequent headaches, especially when reading on the screen. I checked out the iPad mini and iPad 4 a couple of days ago at Best Buy. I love the size of the...
  10. teralpar

    Screen Protector

    Does anyone here use a screen protector on their iPad? Does it help with keeping fingerprints and smudges from marring the screen?
  11. teralpar

    Amazon MP3's on iPad

    My son surprised me with an iPad 2 last night! I haven't used iTunes in about 2 years since I stopped using my iPhone 3GS, and I currently have an Android phone and tablet, so most of my music is purchased through Amazon. Could someone tell me how I can play my Amazon MP3s on my iPad?