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  1. Martin.D

    First page apps moved to last page?

    Hi Small problem here... just wanted to see if anyone else has this and do they have a quicker solution for restoring... While navigating the front page some how all the apps removed them selfs and relocated to the 4th page, also my last. Now my first page is blank apart from the apps I...
  2. Martin.D

    iPad 3 delayed by Apple's ambitions, technology...

    Source: Digital Journal
  3. Martin.D

    Some one ID this game please from Screen Shot..

    Hi, silly thread but for the sake of my wife could some one please ID this game.. Thank you :D
  4. Martin.D

    iPad2 - problem connecting to Cellular after WIFI Session?

    Hi Nearly every time I try to connect to my o2 cellular provider after a WIFI session the iPad2 takes a long time to connect to the internet or establish a GPRS signal. I see 3 full cellular bars and 3G displayed but still no connection, this can be in the car, fields or similar. I have...