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  1. cs300823

    Need buying advice on Apple Air 2

    I just purchased an Air 2 and have to say its a great device no complaints here !!! ;-)
  2. cs300823

    Afraid to update to 8.1.2

    Updated mine the day it came out with no problems GO FOR IT !!!
  3. cs300823

    The Most Popular iPad Model is Still the Three-and-a-half-year-old iPad 2

    Is there that much difference between the IPad 2 and the Air ?
  4. cs300823

    iOS 8 Update Problems Include Failed Updates and Inability to Restore

    Updated my 5s and Ipad 2 yesterday with no issues...seems my Ipad is a bit slower but not very noticeable if you ask me .... :-)
  5. cs300823

    Best Buy Will Give You $200 Gift Card for Your iPad 2 and 3 This Weekend

    Is this offer stilly going on ?
  6. cs300823

    iPad 2 and otterbox defender

    Is battery expansion a problem with these IPads ?
  7. cs300823

    Newbie !!

    Thanks a bunch !!! :-)
  8. cs300823

    Newbie !!

    Hi folks I just wanted to say hi and thanks for having this forum. I am new to the Apple IPad 2 but so far I am really enjoying it especially since I have it sync'd to my IPhone 4 so I am looking forward to learning the INS and OUTS of this new product thanks.