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  1. xardoz

    Anybody's Ipad Air 2 shipped yet?

    No change in mine....
  2. xardoz

    What time will the store start taking orders for the Ipad Air 2

    Assume you folks might have been through this, last time I got an Ipad was my Ipad 2 time to upgrade..... what time does the store open? 12:01am West coast time tonight?
  3. xardoz

    IPad 1 -> IPad 2 Sim card?

    Anyone know if you'll just be able to put your old sim card from IPad 1 in the new IPad2 and continue service without doing anything else?
  4. xardoz

    IPad SIM -> Iphone 4 ?

    Is the Ipad sim card the same as the one in the Iphone 4? If so and I put my Ipad sim in one would everything work other than voice calls?