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  1. Matenrou

    App to control ipad through iphone (remote control)

    Just got a component av cable and was wondering if there are any apps that I can use so my iphone acts as a remote to pause/play the ipad that is connected to my tv :P
  2. Matenrou

    No volume control while ipad is docked

    Does anyone else have this? Whenever I dock my ipad I can't use the volume rocker. The headphones I have plugged into the dock can't control the volume so it's always so damn loud, can't even use them this way :P
  3. Matenrou

    Got my iPad today!

    You can find info about buying it here Här kan du köpa iPad | iPad Nytt - iPad i Sverige, Nyheter, Forum, Köpa iPad I myself had a person from the US visiting us so we just sent him money and he brought along two ipads in his luggage without any problem. Wish you luck on this.
  4. Matenrou


    Welcome, although I have been lurking here for quite some time I just got my ipad this sunday(32gb 3G). Jailbreaking is probably allowed but I don't suggest discussing pirating apps on public here Är också från Sverige, köpte några apps men har också laddat ner :P Om du har frågor om...
  5. Matenrou

    Windows Live Messenger By Microsoft Corporation

    Is this just an iphone app or is it made for the ipad?
  6. Matenrou

    Youtube now betatesting html5, youtube in browser a reality?

    Well now that you can view youtube with html5 instead of flash, can anyone test this for us that has not yet gotten an ipad yet. You need to head to and click the link "Join the HTML5 Beta" a bit down, I hope it's this simple on the ipad as it was on my pc. After doing...
  7. Matenrou

    So, the World Cup

    I hope north korea because they have the approval from the great leader to win. Okay I dont really cheer for any of the teams but I think brazils match will be great.
  8. Matenrou

    Pulse App pulled from Appstore

    So it was pulled because they showed NYT on the screenshots and had it preselected when you started the app? Why not make the app free and donate the money they made from taking money to provide free information? EDIT: WHy didnt they just remove any preset RRS settings(if they had) and made it...