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    IPad 3G in Manila

    Hi, I am currently traveling in philippines and bring along my iPad with me. I just bought globe tattoo prepaid sim and cut to become micro sim. My ipad 3G is working flawlessly and connected anytime with my micosoft exchange mails. I travelled from north, manila then to south and the connection...
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    Data usage

    Hi, when I first bought my iPad from the US, I can see the data usage via AT&T icon. Now I am traveling here in china and I am using china unicom sim. The data usage icon is not visible anymore. Can anyone share their tip on how to monitor the data usage on the iPad using another carrier...
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    Ipad3G in china

    Hi, I have bought china unicom standard SIM and follow the instruction from ipadone on manual cutting the sim. However, I lost my ATT microsim so I just cut the sim to make sure the contact points are not damage. In short, my iPad can not detect my sim and showing NO SIM even I power on my...
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    Hi from China

    Hello everyone. I've just bought my first apple product ofcourse the iPad, 2 days ago. I've been searching this forum for almost a month until I decided to look for my new tablet. It's been a whole day searching 64GB +3G from zhuhai, Macau until I have found it in Shenzhen which cost me...