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  1. DrBRAD

    Are iPad apps limited in functionality due to iOS???

    I'm not a developer, but I'm curious if someone can answer this question. As I browse through the app store for new iPad apps, it's clear that 99% of the apps that exist fall into very specific categories, with very similar functions. Like there are hundreds of todo list apps, hundreds of print...
  2. DrBRAD

    My iPad 3G (iOS 4.2 GM) only displays EDGE.

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 4.2, I can no longer get a 3G signal (my iPad only stays on EDGE). Has anyone else had this problem? It could be a coincidental hardware issue (like the antenna is messed up). Today in iPad - iOS, iPhone...
  3. DrBRAD

    Hello! Checkout my show "The Today in iPad" Podcast on iTunes

    Hey everyone! My name is Dr. Brad, and I have a little show called "The Today in iPad" Podcast. You can download it on iTunes: Today in iPad - iOS, iPhone, Apple - Download free podcast episodes by Dr. Brad on iTunes. If you are down with the iPad, able to tolerate moderate production...