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  1. netkrazed

    Solution to poor iPad's volume output?

    I was surfing the internet to see if there was any app that will increase the volume of my iPad and I found this pretty cool device instead. I don't think it's out in the market yet but if it ever come out, I'm definitely getting one if price is reasonable. What intrigues me is that it does...
  2. netkrazed

    Jailbreak or not?

    I hear so much about this subject. Is it worth it jailbreak? If it is, what is potential repercussion?
  3. netkrazed

    iPad 2 volume button and casing.

    Anyone have issues with reaching volume button on the side with ipad2? Seems like I'm so use to ipad, i keep missing it. Also, I like the flat side design better than current angled one.
  4. netkrazed

    is iPad1 worth buying at $399 (16GB wifi)

    Even though I own a iPad2, I'm thinking about buying to iPad1 as a backup. At $399, should I wait until Xmas to see if the price drop any lower? I have a feeling iPad3 may be coming our near Xmas time. Also, will Apple soon fade iPad out like they did with iphone 2 when iPad 3 comes out?
  5. netkrazed

    Another new guy

    Glad I'm here. Became an Apple supporter after my wife purchased her first iPhone 4 back in September. We've been Apple crazed since. Got the iPad2 on the first day standing at the local Bestbuy store line. We LOVE IT except for the sound output but still we love it.