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  1. rsava

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    I'll give you $5 for it then, since you think it is rubbish.
  2. rsava

    ATV or iOS 6 JB 1st...

    I do not think that is legit. It has been posted numerous times on another site by the same guy, I think it is an ad revenue site. If you look, there is a blog post for Nov 24, 2014 (which is just an Amazon ad for the ATV3) so either it is BS or they perfected time travel and we have survived...
  3. rsava

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    I want it becasue there are some features (and apps taking advantage of those features) that I really would like to start using. However, I also have some tweaks that I do not want to lose. It is coming down to which set of features do I want more - right now it is the JB tweaks, it might soon...
  4. rsava

    Apple’s New Lightning Connector Will Not Work With All Accessories Even With Adaptor

    While there is some truth to what you say, this break is really not that painful. The company just announced the EOL for the 3GS (although I think iOS 6 will still work) after 3 years. The phone itself will still be a serviceable device. The 4 and 4S will still be serviceable for several years...
  5. rsava

    jailbroken apps wont update help needed

    Gzoladz - Thats not how it works. My iPad1 has apps from my account and from my son's account. When he is logged in and I try to update an app that is on my ID it pops up with my ID and asks for my password. If I try and update an app that he has downloaded it pops up on his ID and asks for his...
  6. rsava

    jailbroken apps wont update help needed

    You can't update them because you have stolen them. Obtain them legally and all future updates are usually free.
  7. rsava

    I need my App to run all the time

    There are plenty of reason to want this. A POS terminal app that I want to run so that no one can get to the iOS "desktop" and mess around. This could help me with PCI compliance (although there are other ways) and a $600 iPad is a lot cheaper than a $2500 IBM SurePOS. A PMS (Property...
  8. rsava

    Can iPad replace built-in nav?

    AQ_OC -Thanks for this link. I ordered one and installed it and this is the bomb. It is a little wobbly when going over bumps but nothing too bad. No fear of it coming loose and I use it in with my case on. Great addition, thanks for the link to the product. I may have to buy one for my wife's...
  9. rsava

    Battery life

    Wow. I was thinking about posting on how remarkable I think my battery life is on my 3 compared to my 1. Both are 64GB 3-4G/WiFi. Using the 3 about the same as I did my 1 and I am amazed at the battery life. I can go 3 days on a charge. I guess my 1 is losing battery capacity and this old feeble...
  10. rsava

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    I think this is more the issue than the iPad itself. I have honestly never had an issue with any wireless router/AP though and I have 4 of them in my home. We currently have, at home, an iPad1, iPad2, iPad3 and 2 iPhones using the APs and none of them have issues.
  11. rsava

    iPhone charger on iPad

    And the upside is that the iPhone will charge really fast. :) I do it that way all the time on the road. I charge my iPad overnight then charge my phone while I get ready in the morning. Always leave the hotel with both devices 100%.
  12. rsava

    Weird reboot issue

    Retinapad - I have 1.3.4. As far as I can see, it is the latest. And as f4780y says, it is a full reboot and not just a respring.
  13. rsava

    Weird reboot issue

    Yeah, thanks.
  14. rsava

    Weird reboot issue

    Ahhh! You're not helping Marilyn ....... :) I will try swapping out Remove BG, see if that helps. Mind if I ask both of you what you have turned on in Springtomize? And Marilyn, I didn't know they had spanners in Western NY state. I thought they only had wrenches. ;)
  15. rsava

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    No, I mean switching off the WiFi on the iPad and switching it back on. Also, you don't need to wait for it to happen again to "Forget" the network. Do it now and reconnect and see if it stops the issue.
  16. rsava

    Weird reboot issue

    unfortunately, I do not see what happens before I realize it is happening, I am normally not looking at the screen. Today, for instance, i was listening to iHeart Radio and working when the audio stopped and by the time I looked over all I saw was the magic circle.... I was heading towards...
  17. rsava

    Weird reboot issue

    Not sure that this has to do with being jailbroken but since I am using the absinthe 2.0.4 jailbreak I thought I should post here. My iPad 3, 64GB 4G has started randomly rebooting. It really is random, no real time frame that I can tell. It has happened using Draw Free, iHeart Radio, watching...
  18. rsava

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    I don't think it is a common problem. I have an iPad1, iPad2 and an iPad3. Have never had that issue on any of them. We use our iPads on WiFi most of the time around the house to stream music with iHeart, Pandora, etc. When you say Does that mean that you go in and visibly see the IP address...
  19. rsava

    I'm about to buy - need help (G3/G4 or not?)

    I just recently upgraded to the iPad 3 and transferred my AT&T account over. I don't get 4G at home but I had it on the road and it was amazing. The speed was amazing. I was streaming Netflix over it (I'm grandfathered in to unlimited...) and the pic quality was very good. My 3G/4G decision has...
  20. rsava

    iPad ios 5.0.1 Charging Problem

    I guess you're just a jerk. I read your whole post, maybe you're just too stupid to own technology. Do your chargers have internal workings and a USB port on it?? Moron.
  21. rsava

    iPad ios 5.0.1 Charging Problem

    I also have an iPad 1 on 5.0.1 that is JB. I have no issues whatsoever charging my iPad. I am charging right now with the iPod/iPhone charger and have no issues. Perhaps there is something wrong internally or with the charging port.
  22. rsava

    Apple wireless keyboard - ctrl c -> ctrl v?

    It's an Apple device so it is the Command key (the key with a symbol). You use Command-C or Command-V to copy or paste respectively.
  23. rsava

    Epson TM T88V Bluetooth POS Printer

    I didn't realize the 88V had a BT interface. As far as I knew they only had network (wired and wireless), RS-232, USB, parrallel and the IBM P7 interfaces. a) Do you have an app to print to it? b) Are you trying to write an app and need help with the SDK? If a) then you probably need to contact...
  24. rsava

    Apple TV always busy, why?

    Could just be the ATV checking in with the AP or the AP synching with the ATV. I have about 10 WiFi devices on my 3 different APs and the WiFi lights flash constantly.
  25. rsava

    5.0.1 untethered jailbreak issues

    I stand by what I said. THERE IS A KNOWN ISSUE........There are too many posts out there from the past 2 days that say there is. I am using the latest untethered redsnow (0.9.10b3) and I had issues with iBooks as of yesterday. I used the fix in Cydia in the insanelyi repo and it fixed iBooks. So...
  26. rsava

    5.0.1 untethered jailbreak issues

    There is a known issue with iBooks crashing on the JB. There are fixes, one in Cydia where you have to add a repo and another where you go in and another way to go in and mess with the files. I used the Cydia fix and it worked fine. Google "fix ibooks on ios 5 jailbreak" and you should be good...
  27. rsava

    Ipad to sleep via cydia

    Gee, sorry. I guess when he said: "because then I have to boot tethered to use JB apps" I thought he was talking about booting a tethered JB device and if he powered down he would then have to boot tethered to use JB apps. Since he no longer has to do that with the untethered JB out, I thought I...
  28. rsava

    Ipad to sleep via cydia

    If it is an iPad1, why not just upgrade to the untethered JB?
  29. rsava

    Trade show apps?

    Business card scanner, maybe CardMunch? Works with LinkedIn As far as a magnetic scanner, what are you looking for? If it is to swipe badges it won't be of much use unless you know how the badge in encoded. Most trade shows I go to (most major restaurent technology shows in the US, NRA, HITEC...
  30. rsava

    My ipad keeps turning off

    Do you have a full charge? Are you trying to charge it while watching the movie? What app are you using when that happens? Is it an iPad1 or iPad2? How long have you had it? Has it always done it or is it something that has just started? What firmware version are you on? Is it JB?
  31. rsava

    Transfer movies

    You can use GoodReader to download the file from dropbox then use the Manage Files option to open it in you AV player of choice. Unfortunately it is 4.99 but IMHO well worth every penny. I use it all the time.
  32. rsava

    XBMC on iPad

    Awesome, and thanks for using LMGTFY! I love using that and love it when people use it back on me. I hadn't checked since last year when I put it on my ATV2.
  33. rsava

    stream iPad 1 to tv?

    Why not hook it directly to your tv? You can get one of these: Apple Digital AV Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.) I have one of these and use it all the time when I travel to hook up to the TV in the hotel.:
  34. rsava

    External keybord

    As MoonlitSonata states, there are many keyboards out there. I love my aluminum Apple keyboard, I use it for my Windows laptop as well as my MBP, iPhone, and iPad1. That being said, I don't think it travels well and I travel quite a bit for work. Based on the excellent review (well written and...
  35. rsava

    XBMC on iPad

    Is there an XBMC app? No, not even in the JB community (that I know of). It has not been ported to the iPad which is slightly different than ATV and ATV2, and both have ports. There are, however, other apps to stream movies to your ipad. Buzz Player is my current favorite. You can also look...
  36. rsava

    5GB of apps (cached?)

    If you have installed and deleted an app from your iPad it is gone. You would need to download it again from the app store, you just wouldn't have to pay for it again. It may be on your computer if it is sync'ed with iTunes but it is no longer on your iPad. To clear any kind of cache you can...
  37. rsava


    What WiFi connectivity issues are you having. We would need to know that before we could see if anyone has the same issue. Are you unable to see WiFi networks anymore? Is it not able to connect at all? Does it not accept the security password? Does it connect but not pull an IP address? Your...
  38. rsava

    Bizzare Ipad problem! Please help me..

    But in your first post you say: ???? If your previous one went to 5.01 then how did you get a new one with 4.2.1? That is really old in firmware life.
  39. rsava

    Question on Reset and Restart

    Thank you for the replies.
  40. rsava

    Question on Reset and Restart

    Yep, I saw that. Don't assume that people don't use the search function just because you think you have found an answer by using it. We may have seen that and do not think that answers our particular question. It still doesn't explain why when I use method number one it starts in about 35...