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  1. Martin.D

    DOUBLE iPod Touch GIVEAWAY! Black & White! TWO WINNERS! *Subscribe & Comment*

    Just another spam to get people to like your FB / You tube page - if this is the case then I'm out of here..
  2. Martin.D

    First page apps moved to last page?

    Hi Small problem here... just wanted to see if anyone else has this and do they have a quicker solution for restoring... While navigating the front page some how all the apps removed them selfs and relocated to the 4th page, also my last. Now my first page is blank apart from the apps I...
  3. Martin.D

    Apple Releases Update 5.0.1 to Everyone - Includes Bug Fixes and Battery Improvements

    would really like to know if anyone else is not seeing improvements on the battery life? I feel the battery life is still being drained by something...
  4. Martin.D

    DOUBLE iPod Touch GIVEAWAY! Black & White! TWO WINNERS! *Subscribe & Comment*

    Black - My Son would adore this for Christmas :thumbs:
  5. Martin.D

    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    The problem is due to the overloaded Apple servers - I tried 10 times if not more - there is no need to re download the Update once it's completed first time - the error occurs when the iPad tries to verify with Apple - keep trying, I got through after 10 times - up and running now!
  6. Martin.D

    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    keep trying guys - I kept getting Error 3200 - It's now carrying out the iPad Software restore 50% done! Must have tried 10 times! Let you know how I get on... I'm using only 6 gigs so not a lot to upload to iCloud..
  7. Martin.D

    Ios problems

    I'm using iTunes 10.5 - re downloading the file from Apple and see if that works...
  8. Martin.D

    iOS 5 Is Finally Here!

    I think with so many people trying to download - the download has not completed correctly..
  9. Martin.D

    What is the size of IOS5 update?

    716mb - failed so far :(
  10. Martin.D

    Ios problems

    same here buddy :( trying to figure out how to remove update from iTunes and re download..
  11. Martin.D

    iOS 5 Is Finally Here!

    Downloading but getting an error after extracing prior to update "The iPad "Bla Bla" could not be restored. An unknown error occured (3200) any one know hot to remove the download so I can re download and try again? or any other solution?
  12. Martin.D

    iPad 3 delayed by Apple's ambitions, technology...

    Source: Digital Journal
  13. Martin.D

    Skype for iPad Out Now!

    Any one see the following? How to add contacts to groups? How to start a conference?
  14. Martin.D

    Skype for iPad Out Now!

    Anyonecsee how to : How to add contacts to groups? How to startba conference?
  15. Martin.D

    Raw photo management

    Just to add on this thread, have you guy's tried Snapseed from Nik software - it's pretty dam good and support's RAW files.. Link - Snapseed for iPad by Nik Software
  16. Martin.D

    SMS for ipad2 3g posible to authorize viber?

    I'm using Viber on iPad2 and no problems with both SMS and Calls to other user's!
  17. Martin.D

    Belkin transparent rear cover ...

    "Belkin transparent Cover" do you have a link to the item? Thx
  18. Martin.D

    New gaming apps on iPad2

    Not sure about free but the following are on my iPad2.. Angry Birds Rio Angry Birds Season Tiny Wings Cut the Rope RealRacing 2 Lets Golf 2 Skateboard 24 So far, Cut the Rope is my favorite! :D
  19. Martin.D

    Some one ID this game please from Screen Shot..

    Thank you folk's! already addicted! :D
  20. Martin.D

    Some one ID this game please from Screen Shot..

    Hi, silly thread but for the sake of my wife could some one please ID this game.. Thank you :D
  21. Martin.D

    iPad2 - problem connecting to Cellular after WIFI Session?

    I'm guessing I'm the only person with this problem?
  22. Martin.D

    Forum Help and Questions

    problem with my account, when I click on my name it changes my forum nick to "MartinD28" location "Florida" etc Any ideas? my user name should read Martin.D once clicked.. Thx
  23. Martin.D

    iPad2 - problem connecting to Cellular after WIFI Session?

    Hi Nearly every time I try to connect to my o2 cellular provider after a WIFI session the iPad2 takes a long time to connect to the internet or establish a GPRS signal. I see 3 full cellular bars and 3G displayed but still no connection, this can be in the car, fields or similar. I have...
  24. Martin.D

    how to fix keyboard if it hangs

    Mine has yet to hang but I would assume it has more to do with the application you're using it with..
  25. Martin.D

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Hi there - new to the forums, signed up this morning just to let you all know I got my iPad 2 - 16 GB - WiFi - 3G last Tuesday! :D