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    Anyone here with poor eye sight?

    I am not sure the Ipad is her answer. There are many programs on the PC that work best. Like zoo text and Jaws. These only work on the PC. She would have to use VoiceOver on the IPad in order for it to read to her. It is best to use both reading and listening especially when she needs to...
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    Need Help! iPad question for individual with Down syndrome

    It sounds like this person could really do well with an IPad. It also sounds like it would be great for him to increase his communication skills. Most of the programs that I have seen are communication programs. They cost a lot of money so do you have a way to pay for this. In my opinion he...
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    Wifi tethering with my phone

    My real question is what is the difference between Bluetooth and tethering? Can I use Bluetooth to use the Internet? I know battery life is an issue, but not for me since I always have a second battery. I think it must be the Ipad since the hotspot shows up on the Ipad but just will not...
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    Wifi tethering with my phone

    Foxfi just came out saying they do not support the Ipad 3 any longer. Any other apps to act as a hot spot?
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    Wifi tethering with my phone

    Tried it I tried it and it still will not connect like before. It circles and circles but will not connect. Maybe I should reset Foxfi?
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    Wifi tethering with my phone

    I am having the same issue with the ios6 it is so much harder to connect anyway! I can connect at home, but my Foxfi will not connect and my work wireless will connect. I turn on my Foxfi and the wheel spins and spins. The hotspot is listed but it will not connect. Something that was so...
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    Goodnight IPad ( book)

    My co-worker gave me this book to read, I really love it. Has anyone read this book (Goodnight IPad, by Ann Droyd) There is also a You Tube video of the book and it is being read. Just look it up on You tube, or maybe someone can insert it onto their message. I would love to hear...
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    Safari closes without warning

    I was told at the Apple store that Safari needs to be update and that is why it contines to crash. Does anyone know how to upgrade Safari?
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    Is a wireless keyboard worth getting?

    The reason they complain is that they don't realize there are any other options. When I bought mine it was hard to find and the sales people don't have a clue. I do assessments on kids and having the case and keyboard allows me to type notes while working. Then I put my final recommendations...
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    Is a wireless keyboard worth getting?

    I have owned my IPad1 for one year now. I have seen people with the wireless Apple keyboard and they have all expressed they are not happy with it. They don't like the fact you can't tell if it is on. They also say they don't like that it is not attached to the IPad, like in a case. About...