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    Yet another question

    I have posted several questions today to help me decide if an IPad will be right for me, and I have yet another question. I thought of something that the IPad may come in good for but I need your help to tell me if it will work or not. My wife recently got a Flip video recorder and loves to...
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    Suggestions before I purchase

    I have pretty much decided to purchase an IPad 2, but unsure which one to get. The main thing I will be using it for (I think) will be web surfing, some picture files, but mainly for temporary storage until I can transfer them to my PC, and very little if any music files. I do not download music...
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    Completely new to apple

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    Completely new to apple

    Hello all. I have never owned or used an apple product, but I am very interested in buying a new Ipad. I do not know anyone who owns an ipad so I thought I would try your forum for some beginners help. 1 - How much different is the ipad to navigate vs. a pc? 2 - Does it take much time to adjust...