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  1. AhsaneeeZ

    How often do you charge your battery?

    Every night
  2. AhsaneeeZ

    Most used apps

    Lets share the most used apps It will help every1 to know the good apps Mine are Facebook Twitter Safari Dead trigger amazing alex Avplayer hd Imdb Highway rider Zoombie highway Youtube Tunein radio 8tracks Flipboard Stumbleupon Reckless racing
  3. AhsaneeeZ

    Best apps for iPad

    I think screenshot is the best solution . If yu can do this for us. That would be very helpful to is newbies !
  4. AhsaneeeZ

    Best apps for iPad

    Thanks a lot spatterman ! For your precious time. I am viewing each app nd loving them ! Thanks again
  5. AhsaneeeZ

    Best apps for iPad

    Thanks cwinter. But can yu telme your favourite apps ,that would help
  6. AhsaneeeZ

    Best apps for iPad

    Hello guys, I just got my new iPad but am confuse on selecting best apps.Can anyone plz suggest me some good apps regarding to take the best use out of my ipad. Thanks in advance !