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  1. ashrovy

    Help I a newbie user

    Dear all reader I have 2 apple product, ipod and Ipad 2, there are some feature that I confuse to sync each other. Calendar and contact, both of them I have same email, but sadly I can't snyc them. My main contact in my Ipad, my purpose is my ipod have the same contact , and calendar is...
  2. ashrovy

    Need help how to use, imessage

    Hi folks, I still confuse how to use imessage? When I try to sent message from imessage to my friend phone number, Imessage gave me alert : that number is not registered in Imessage, When I try to find how to register, imessage I can't find it.... Please help me
  3. ashrovy

    Tester Ipad?

    Hi there, I wanna know about 'be Apple product tester' is anyone from you all hear or know about that? I really curious thanks :D
  4. ashrovy

    Ask about generator

    Hi there I wonder about gift card generator for itunes, are those exist? I want know (I very pleased if you gift me link)
  5. ashrovy

    About note

    What is the best note app? More colorful and enganging? Thank you