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    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    I love my iPad 2!! I don't care that the "iPad 3" or new iPad came out...I'm very happy with my iPad 2 :D
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    Trouble with iOS 5 Update

    Its weird because i just started using my ipad again (since last night), and i tried to download an app to see if the same problem happened..and it didnt! It let me download the app this im wondering is there only gonna be an error some of the time? Because if the problem randomly fixed...
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    Trouble with iOS 5 Update

    Hi guys, I need your help! Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. Not sure if it should go here or the ios 5 section, but right now, i dont know whats causing the problem... So i upgraded my ipad2 to ios 5 today. It started to restore my ipad too..dont know why. I never told it to...
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    How many of you bring your ipad to work to use on lunch and breaks?

    I brought my ipad a few times to work. I dont do it often, but when i do, its just to play games during break lol. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Best Smart Cover color for white iPad 2?

    I have light gray...just like the one in my avatar Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Need neighbors in city friends!!

    My plus+ id for city friends is: connie318 Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    iPad Users in Cali!

    Seeing that its passed may 21st now, i was just wondering how the meet up went? Anything cool happen or any pictures to share? I am also from california but did not attend. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    The last movie i saw in theaters was hangover 2. I thought it sucked least compared to the first one. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Whats your charging routine?

    I run my ipad down to about 10-20% before i charge it, and once every month i drain it all the way down and then charge it back up to 100%. I also shut down my ipad every night before i go to sleep, or when i know i wont be using it for a few hours. Does anyone know if its bad to shut down the...
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    What future iPad color would you like to see Apple make?

    I think silver or gray would be a nice color for the ipad.. :) Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Plus friends for we rule, we city, city friends, etc.

    My plus+ id on city friends is: connie318 . Add me!! Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    I got the white one.. I wanted something other than black since my ipod touch is black..and i like the look of the white ipad better. For the second generation of ipads, i really appreciated the fact that we were able to choose between white and black Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    How many apps on an average do people have

    I've currently got 53 apps! Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    City friends - Plus friends

    I've been looking for a thread like this forever!! Too bad not many people have responded to it... my friend plus+ ID for City Friends is: connie318. Add me!! I can't play right now because I'm at work :(
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    Does anyone know any good free games for ipad/ipod touch?

    Not sure what kind of games you're into..but I like playing City Friends. You get to build your own city.
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    Will the iPad 3 be 3D?

    Ugh.. I am also not a fan of 3D... if iPad 3 comes in 3D, I will be much more relieved that I only waited for iPad 2 lol.
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    Safari-like Tabs for iPad With Terra Browser

    Ooh.. I have Terra browser. I love it :D
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    iSwifter app allows unlimited flash content to play on iPad.. For free.

    I had iswifter a while ago but had to uninstall it because it was soooo slow and just got annoying. Even though it opened up flash videos, it was just so slow to load and i could never finish a video on it. It pissed me off more than it made me happy...and i agree with what others have said...
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    Going Crazy Waiting For My iPad 2 to Ship

    To the OP: i know exactly how you feel.. I waited for pretty much a month for my ipad 2... When is your ship date? When the status changes you are going to be so excited...and you are probably gonna be tracking it a billion times a day like i did lol. Congrats! Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    I still use my laptop pretty often... For putting music into iTunes, so I can transfer music to my iPod Uploading photos Flash sites And for times when i do not feel like using a touch screen device And for many other reasons that I can't think of right now on the top of my head Sent from...
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    Your favourite position in bed....

    I like to lay down in bed with my knees propped up, and my iPad leaning against my lap (how I currently am) I also like to prop it up using the apple smart cover while laying on my stomach I also sometimes sit Indian style with my iPad in my lap. I love this thing! Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Are You Going Naked On your iPad Or You Using A Case And Or Screen Protector

    I sorta agree with this. Although currently I have a screen protector, apple smart cover and joy cover on my ipad2. I like my iPad to be covered but I'm thinking about removing the screen protector. I don't really like the way it feels with it on... And also I just removed the screen protector...
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    How are the latest iPad 2's looking?

    I've had my iPad 2 for about 3 weeks and when I put it at the highest level of brightness, in a pitch black room with a black image, there is only a very very tiny leakage along the bottom near the home screen. It is only a little bit noticeable in that scenario which doesn't bother me at all...
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    Cleaning tip

    I use this screen cleaner called monster...I spray it on a microfiber cloth then use that to wipe the iPad screen. I haven't done that since I put a screen protector on my iPad though. But the monster screen cleaner works pretty well. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Are you a fan of jailbreaking?

    I agree. I'm pretty 100% positive that I will never jail break my iPad. I don't need to, and also I don't even know how :P Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    List Your Two Most Favorite Apps for iPad2 (one Free + one Paid)

    Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    I just saw Fast Five this past weekend. I want to see Water For Elephants and Your Highness...although I heard Your Highness was bad.. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    What is your favourite iPad app?

    I currently have a few favorites... City Friends Pandora Qwiki Words with friends Friendly for iPad Keeper Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Royal Wedding

    I watched some of the wedding live on tv from California... But I went to sleep during the part where Kate's brother did a reading... For me it was around 3:30 am and I was super tired!! But yea.. I thought the wedding was gorgeous! I'm actually watching the rest of the ceremony right now since...
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    Do you carry iPAD also to the Rest Room

    The only thing I use in the restroom is my phone. I'm proud to say that I've never used my iPad in the restroom before. Although I'll admit I've taken my laptop to the bathroom with me once because I was curious what all the fuss was about... But never again because I was too lazy to haul that...
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    Yes :D Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    I've been catching a bunch of movies on tv and recording them with my dvr.. The last few movies I watched were: Role models How to lose a guy in 10 days Knocked up Ratatouille Baby mama Step brothers What happens in Vegas The wedding date Back to the future :D Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    What blood are you made of?

    When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was asking what ethnicity you are (Thai/Chinese), but then I saw someone reply with their actual blood type if that's the case then I'm B+ :D Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Very sad today, same problem::::::

    If there is only a little bleeding and you actually had to LOOK for it, meaning under normal conditions you wouldn't have noticed it at all, then shouldn't it be okay? Mine has very very minimal bleeding at the bottom near the home button and I would have also never noticed it if I had not...
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    iPad Forum using browser vs iPad app

    I use both... Not sure what I like better, but I think I use the app more because it seems faster to me.. Plus I leave myself signed in, but with the browser I always log myself out. Not sure why though. But I use the browser when I'm "tired" of the app look lol
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    Battery charging question

    Hey guys, I was just wondering.. is it better to charge the iPad while it's completely off or just in sleep mode? And if it's better to charge the iPad while it's completely off, how will I know when it's fully charged? I currently have my iPad charging and decided to turn it off, but no...
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    Co-worker's iPad

    I've had my iPad for a week now and so far no one has touched it except my boyfriend. My family hasn't asked to play with it or anything but if they wanted to I'd let them. I have a friend who wants to see it in the future so I'll let her too...she's contemplating on getting an iPad herself. I...
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    So.....where are we all from?

    I'm near Los Angeles in California :) Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Anyone addicted to buying cases for their iPad 2

    I thought I was the only one like this! I currently have the Apple smart cover for the front, Joy Factory clear hard shell for the back, and I keep it in a Targus A7 sleeve...which also came with a screen protector. I am currently interested in buying the CEO Hybrid case...Or something similar...
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    Do you use the default 'Sent from my iPad' signature?

    I only use the default signature when I access this forum from the app I downloaded..otherwise I don't use it