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    Springtomize 2 issue

    I'm in a bit of a bind - was playing around with settings and turned on coverflow effect for dock (10 icons in dock, not sure if that matters) and then after respring iPad kept springing in safe mode.. So I uninstalled in cydia, then reinstalled but it kept my previous settings now in a loop...
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    Reminders / iCloud issue?

    Whoops.. Just posted this on iPhone forum but perhaps more relevant here - Since jailbreaking today, when I add / update a reminder on iPhone it doesn't update on my iPad.. All settings the same since ore iPad JB - anyone else having this issue?
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    Mac OS on VMWare?

    Is it possible / worthwhile doing this to install Jailbreak? Or should we just wait for windows version? It's Saturday morning and I'm toey... :p
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    AndroidLock XT & smart cover

    Just installed this which is great but when iPad is triggered by the smart cover open / close it bypasses the android lock? Anyone else have this prob / solution or is it a known issue
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    OTA firmware updates?

    With the mention at WWDC regarding iOS 5 and OTA updates, will there be an option to uncheck auto OTA updates? ..or are Apple forcing auto firmware updates on us to negate any JB's we may have?