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  1. J

    Apps will not install + how do I get more than standard brewer windows

    1.When I download some apps in installous they install but don't show up on iPad any ideas? can I get more than 9 safari windows
  2. J

    what are the best torrent apps to use with ipad/iphone?

    what are the best torrent apps to use with ipad/iphone?
  3. J

    How to keep kids from accidentally deleting apps

    How do I keep my kids from deleting app besides not letting them use iPad
  4. J

    how to get The mouse and keyboard to work

    I can get bt keyboard to work via native setup I can get mouse to work with btstack from cydia but this disables native bt for keyboard so how do u get both to work
  5. J

    Mouse and keybaord

    I have seen you can use a bt keyboard. You can now use a bt mouse via bt stack by turning off native bt and running app but how do you use both at the same time or is it just too son to be asking. this may seem odd but i got my dell blue tooth mouse to work for a split second along wiht my bt...