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    YouTube video not available on iPad but is via PC - why?

    On my PC I created a YouTube music video link (in another forum) and it works as intended via my desktop PC. When I access that same forum and link, the YouTube page appears with all its usual content, but the main viewing window for the selected video has a still frame (like a photo) of...
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    iPad Pro fails to load entire web page. Why?

    After using it for nearly a month, now I frequently (every other day?) find that as I open a web site, the iPad screen appears normal, but I find that when I scroll/ swipe upon visiting a different site that there is only the web page's background color with no design features or text; blank now...
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    How do I turn off app purchase permission?

    This was initially "Off" at the time of purchase, but I turned it on to make one purchase. That was two or three weeks ago, and now I cannot remember where that feature / particular sub-setting is located. I've been all over my settings page, thinking for sure that it would be located in the...
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    I cannot sign in to "iTunes Connect" but OK for all other things. What's up?

    My iPad has been working fine. Setup went well. I've had to us my Apple User Name an Password a few times. Downloaded a couple of apps (ebay & Amazon) - no problem, and no sign-in required. Tonight I thought that I would sync some music to my Pad from my computer via iTunes. Surprisingly, I...
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    Have the issues / bugs been resoved yet (hardware and OS)?

    Shortly after the iPad Air began selling there were complaints (issues) regarding off-color screens (yellow band at left side, sometime also pink on the right side) and connectivity issues (most often [?] when accessing a couple of specific web sites). I've been waiting in the wings for these...
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    Question about buying a Wi-Fi + Cellular model vs. specific carrier option

    Let me start off by saying that my wireless experience is limited to a six-year-old pay-as-you-go AT&T cell phone ($25 / 25 minutes per 90 days). I'm about to buy my first iPad, and would have done so a few moments ago, except for this: Initially I thought I'd get the Wi-Fi only model, since I...
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    I finally found this site and joined moments ago. I had been searching for definitive information about the iPad 4 being able to multitask. You know, there's a Windows 8 TV commercial currently on the air that shows an iPad and a Windows 8 pad with background dialog, about "let's do this &...