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  1. K

    Group Contacts Application

    did you ever get an answer or find a solution?t asked the same ? kevin
  2. K

    Contact database

    Hi all, I currently use the Microsoft contacts but I have quite a few. I remember when I had my Itouch the contacts could be subdived by company, agency, family. Any idea on a compatable program to use for the Ipad? thanks kevin
  3. K

    IPAD acting up

    I actually had to reboot it last week when i went to Phoenix. I bought a set of ear phones to use on the plane to pass the time. Ipad worked in Airport, then when I got on the plane it would not poweron at all. At that time I did not know how to reboot it. Brought it to Apple store in Phoenix...
  4. K

    IPAD acting up

    Hi all, I have an Ipad that is about 5 months old. Last week or so it has been acting up. Sometimes the password program will let me put in the first digit then no matter what I do I can't enter rest of combo, then it works. Also, when I do get in sometimes the screen seems to vibrate...
  5. K

    Calendar ?

    Yhanks everyone. When I open it it is in the month mode so small. may need to change it to week. kevin
  6. K

    Calendar ?

  7. K

    Calendar ?

    Hi all, How can I change the calendar on my Ipad? I find it hard to read. Also, how do I setup reminders when I make an appointment? thanks kevin
  8. K

    GPS Question

    what did you do for your map program? kevin
  9. K

    Why Does Apple iTunes Take So Long To....

    Perhaps if you are near the limit of your credit card you should learn some fiscal responsibility and not charge even more frivolous things from the iTunes store that would even remotely put you close to over the limit. Perhaps over the limit charges from your CC company will teach you a lesson...
  10. K

    3G auto renew

    Thanks Mike, I figured that. Why can't you cancel online like you signed up for it. kevin
  11. K

    3G auto renew

    Hi all, I signed up for one month of 3G service with AT&T then I heard that it is auto renew. How do I cancel if I don't want to renew this month? kevin
  12. K

    How do I delete imported photos?

    You will notice that there is a Delete button in the upper left. Pressing it will delete each photo you have checked. There is no recovery that I know of, so select carefully. If you change your mind before deleting, click on the check mark again. If you want to cancel all the checks, there is a...
  13. K

    Doc app?

    Use your laptop!
  14. K

    Fed Ex Is Awful!!

    then you will have a company called fedups!
  15. K

    Send emails

    Anyone ever notice how the original posted asked a question and then you never hear from them again!! kevin
  16. K

    it seams everyone has useing a ipad

    Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself!!
  17. K

    Which iPad model you have?

    I have the 64GB WiFi + 3G kevin
  18. K

    GPS Maps Apps

  19. K

    3G sign up

    It would not take my home address. I put in my work address and it worked fine. kevin
  20. K

    3G sign up

    30 views and no replies. Don't worry I figured it out myself!
  21. K

    3G sign up

    Hi all, I am tryingt o sign up for 3G service. I have a PO box as my mailing address and my street address. I put both in and I can't seem to get it to work. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? thanks kevin
  22. K

    hello and help

    Hi all, I am a new Apple Ipad user. I just purchased the Ipad 64GB with 3G. I downloaded the weather channel free app. It shows on the Itunes program but I can't get it to download to the Ipad. Any suggestions? Kevin PS: I am in New Hampshire and have been using computers from almost the...