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    Trouble with iOS 5 Update

    Hi guys, I need your help! Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. Not sure if it should go here or the ios 5 section, but right now, i dont know whats causing the problem... So i upgraded my ipad2 to ios 5 today. It started to restore my ipad too..dont know why. I never told it to...
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    Battery charging question

    Hey guys, I was just wondering.. is it better to charge the iPad while it's completely off or just in sleep mode? And if it's better to charge the iPad while it's completely off, how will I know when it's fully charged? I currently have my iPad charging and decided to turn it off, but no...
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    How to close an app?

    I have an Ipad2 coming to my house in about 2 or 3 days (it will be my first Ipad ever) and I read a thread somewhere where people were talking about closing apps. To close an app, all I thought you had to do was hit the homescreen button but now I'm confused because I read somewhere that you...
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    Apple Ipad2 Smart Case - does it ruin the screen?

    Hi guys, I came across this link: Smart Cover Ruining iPad 2 Screen [video] ~ Tech Stuffs There are pictures and a youtube video of someone showing us what his smart cover did to the screen of his Ipad2. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else? Any feedback would be great. PS. I...
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    Can't wait until April 26th!! Hi guys!

    Hey guys, I made an account several days ago and posted a bit but mostly just read the millions of different threads here. I thought I'd decide to say hii now :) I ordered an ipad2 but haven't gotten it yet.. I'm too anxious and I wish the days would go by sooner!! But yeah..anyways HI :)...
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    Locking ipad vs. completely powering off

    Hi guys, I had a question about saving the battery life on Ipads. I ordered an Ipad2 on March 23rd, and will expect to be getting it on April 30th. I was wondering if it's better to lock the screen, or completely powering off Ipad when not in use? Thanks! PS. I have an ipod touch and...