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    Ipad Case Help

    Thanks everyone for the info. I ended up ordering the CODi sleeve and bag. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    Ipad Case Help

    I am going to be purchasing an iPad over the weekend and am considering which case to purchase. I want something that is sleek and slim but with some added storage if necessary. I have checked out some sleeves but don't think I want just the sleeve. I am also thinking about getting a sleeve...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Thanks for the review. I'm unsure whether to get a hard case or just a sleeve...
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    How do you surf

    I always go to new posts first
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    AT&T Unlimited?

    Nothing is officially documented about it. From what I've read, it's a "soft" cap. Been reading other forums and blogs about it, users say once they hit 5gb's At&t warned them of overusage, even though they had the unlimited plan.
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    AT&T Unlimited?

    I just read that there is a 5gb cap on At&t unlimited plan.
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    At&t Hotspot

    Some Starbuck's make you log in to use their wireless. I think you can register on