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    Learning about my iPad 2

    Hi, I'm learning iPad 2 also. I have the user manual, but can't find specific answers because the only way is to look in the 12 chapter table of contents. Is there a way I can search for words or phrases? I downloaded the manual and GoodReader, but can't read anything. I thought maybe I could...
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    Pictures FROM iPad to a website ~ how?

    Just answer the #### question!! If pictures from iPad don't upload anywhere else, just say so!
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    Cannot Save Quicktime Video File Attachment

    Ok... understood.. but what is a good app? OPlayerHD? Does that save mp3 to my music folder?
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    Entering numbers on Do-Not-Call Registry

    Thank you, Mr. Poet, I've been able to figure out the instructions you've given above. It took me a while, but I'm gaining on the new world of iOS5, etc. I like the prospects of using it more efficiently. I tried this while attempting to enter my number on the DNC site. It just would not allow...
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    Cannot Save Quicktime Video File Attachment

    Hi, Gabriel1. I agree that holding on the icon for the attahcment should give an option box. As has been mentioned here already, it only shows 'Quick Look'. Mickey330 above says to use an 'app'. Well, I have a problem with the app store. I know there are many good ones, etc. I have already...
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    Entering numbers on Do-Not-Call Registry

    I tried to file a complaint in DNC Registry. The numbers went in with extra digits and left out some. I could not navigate the cursor in the pane. Any suggestions?
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    Cannot Save Quicktime Video File Attachment

    Hello... Is anyone here? How can I save an attachment that came in an e-mail?
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    Cannot Save Quicktime Video File Attachment

    Are you saying I need to fill up my iPad with apps (so confusing & possibly expensive) to park video, images, text, mp3, etc. in it's unique app? Then the access to that file his dictated by that app?
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    Apple Said to be Holding iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 Event in Early February

    I am new to the Apple world. It is awsome, with sleek devices and smooth os, apps, etc. BUT!! We have to do things their way or else! As I'm learning with iPad2, iTunes is the only way to acquire and store music. (I have to buy it all over again.) So, the concept of inserting an SD card with...
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    will 16 gig be enough

    Hi, I (with my son's help) got a new iPad2 for my wife. We don't forsee much in the way of large volume video/image/audio on this device. It has only 16g. We have started with a few apps, including a huge library of egw religious writings and bible software. Still have 12 gigs available. So...
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    iPad Instruction Book

    Ok. I've looked at the links you suggested. Didn't see a place to just ask direct questions. The Tips, etc. are good, but don't address the question I have at the time. I would love to search for a topic and see if someone has asked the same question. I won't ask any more questions here.
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    iPad Instruction Book

    Thank you, HPUlmer. I'm getting better all the time. The screen is very insensitive. Have to 'tap' the 'x' so many times! It wud b nice 2 have things bigger, so I could use my stubby fingers. We need a forward delete & a backspace button.
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    iPad Instruction Book

    Hi, New to the Apple world. Starting with iPad2. While reading about Safari, I see 'tap the Reader button'. Duhhh, what does a 'reader button' look like? Thought I'd look @ a safari page & look. Ooops! iPad Forum is up & I can't open another Safari page!!! New world with limitations...