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    iPod goes 'ding' - when off

    Robert, the top button sleeps the iPad. The screen goes black. To get it back up instantly you touch the home button. To turn off the iPad you hold the top button down until you see a red slide button on the screen. Sliding that will turn the iPad off. When you then press and hold the top...
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    iPod goes 'ding' - when off

    By off do you mean off or asleep? I have an instant message program called IM+. I leave it in an Online state as I do other things on the iPad. It can use push notifications to interrupt something I'm doing to let me know a message has come in. I always forget to take myself offline and when I...
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    Kobo App = Borders App

    I just read somewhere that there is a 'stronger' bookstore experience on the Borders app, whatever that means.
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    IM+ question

    I couldn't agree more. I stopped using that program for Tweets as soon as I didn't find a way to change that. I suppose it's built in since new messages from AIM or Yahoo etc. would add the newest one at the bottom and it would scroll up. Funny that.
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    engad:Unlimited data option disappears from iPads,AT&T tells grandfathered customers

    I surely thought that in order to continue to be grandfathered you'd have to continue to pay monthly for the unlimited plan; that once you let it go and cancel, you'd no longer be able to sign up for unlimited again. This makes it sound like those who bought before the cutoff date might...
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    Biggest complaint so far: lack of text nav (arrow keys)

    I wrote feedback to Apple support about this awhile ago. It might help if you did too.
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    Airport Screening

    On my recent trip from NY to L.A. and back I had an iPad in a small shoulder bag packed inside a carry-on with wheels and a handle. They had me take the iPad out of the carry-on but I could keep it inside it's own shoulder bag. They said that as long as it was separated from the rest of the...
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    Top 10must have apps for June

    I just read about Popplet today and downloaded the free version (lite). I've already made great use of it though it is still very limited. I'm planning a trip and each 'bubble' is a detailed info piece of the large puzzle which is the whole trip. The connections between them can be made so the...
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    youtube doesn't work in Ipad

    I had one article that had a video from youtube embedded and there was a circle with a cross through it. But I managed to double click through or go to YouTube using the app and look it up and play it.
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    Backlighting vs. no backlighting...

    I think it's possible most of the eyestrain comes from the backlight being up too high. I find I'm preferring reading on the iPad to a book! And I don't have to worry at all about having a reading light. But I don't like the backlight being bright so I just turn it down. It's very comfortable to...
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    Problem with volume (down) control

    I don't know how it is with the iPad but I know for iPhones the stores kept a stash to swap out for customers' problems. Even if they were sold out someone could get a replacement. (That's at my NY store anyway).
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    Is there a site that reviews iPad cases and ranks or compares them?

    there's a thread here about it (somewhere). And in that thread there is a link to one on the Apple support board. There are lots of links to click in that one. Not much help, I know. But search a little. If you can search my name for posts, I responded in the other thread with a direct link to...
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    Getting rid of emails

    also.. about the trash bin, I don't think you have to worry about that. I think there is a limit to the number of emails stored and eventually those are deleted automatically. Once in awhile I have needed to go into the trash and reassign an email to the inbox. There's such a cute animation when...
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    Getting rid of emails

    As you look at your list of emails, touch "Edit". You will see empty circles to the left of each email. Just touch the ones you want to eventually delete. The circlse will fill with check marks. When you've chose all the ones you want to delete, look down at the bottom for the red Delete button...
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    Prop It Up - mini review

    I adore mine. I found it on Amazon when I knew nothing of the company. Now I follow them on Twitter. They're great and are working on a new version that doubles as a sling backpack (or something). They're great to talk to and I wish them well. I can say honestly that I love the thing and...
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    Looking for a travel exterior case with pockets

    I started a thread on the Apple Support board in Accessories called "Can we have a separate thread for a shoulder/carry bag?" It's been heavily added to with lots of clickable links and comments. I got to see a great many carry bags I didn't know about. Now I keep wanting to buy them. Apple -...
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    Just placed my order for an iPad on Apple Website...

    I don't think you will be charged until it actually ships. That's how it was going here (NY, USA).
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    Cannot successfully set up for Roadrunner email

    I just checked something. I have a friend upstate NY in Woodstock. Her info is I see you are in Lake Placid. I'm pretty sure AppleCare will know by now. And for sure your roadrunner cable co. office will know. I've called both with email questions and both were always able to help.
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    Cannot successfully set up for Roadrunner email

    I have a few roadrunner accounts and I'm fine. I've been fine since the first iPhone. I think my incoming is my outgoing is maybe you need to use rr instead of roadrunner? I'm in New York of course. Don't know what's different for you.
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    so happy the site is here.

    I'm loving my iPad. What else can I say?