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    How to tell if stolen iPad is yours?

    The serial number is indeed on the box and back of the iPad mini.
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    About refurbished iPad 3 - good buy or no?

    A good bargain! Apple sells refubs as either ex unwanted returns or one they have refurbished and when the refurb it usually means a brand new shell and accessories. You will not know the difference from a brand new one. iOS will have been restored to factory settings as per new unit.
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    Free movie converter for ipad4?

    Depends, as mrcupu says, if you have full movies to convert, might as well just purchase an app that can play most formats such as AVPlayerHD. If it is home movies you want converted, keep searching :-)
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    Ipad 3 Retina vs Ipad mini

    I would trade! I take the ipad mini everywhere, and I mean everywhere and the size is perfect. The smaller screen (only by a half inch all round) is hardly a compromise and the weight and size make it much more suitable for on the go surfing. Holding the iPad now feels like a beast and with all...
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    Battery under ios 6.0.2

    Not noticed any battery drain increase on the 5 or mini, what I have noticed is my WiFi stays connected now on both devices whereas before it was a PITA. Happy!
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    screen durability

    Never had a screen protector on any of my iPads. Very durable in normal use just remember it is naked and never lay it screen down to clean the back without protecting the glass with a clean cloth for example or the smart cover closed. One grain on a hard surface will rip the oleophobic coating...
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    Celular mni

    If you buy it unsubsidised though Apple, JohnLewis, etc it comes unlocked to any network worldwide. If you were to buy one from Carphonewarehouse, etc on a contract, it woulb ne locked. Since none of these places have iPad mini deals yet, it is 100% sure your mini will be unlocked, you have...
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    What are some Mini surprise benefits?

    Finding using both thumbs to type is easy, great UI for a smaller device. Yes I know there is a split keyboard option on a full sized iPad but I hated it. The screen is not much smaller too. Resolution is pretty good and to be honest compared to a retina for most purposes it is great.
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    Rear Clear Protector

    Zagg Invisishield $39.99 bestskinsever $18.99 Both pretty much identical...
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    Rear Clear Protector, much cheaper than ZAGG and less 'orange peel' effect
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    Problems I have with the iPad - are there solutions or should I return it?

    Most certainly for any iPad and it is in the store.
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    Bose Soundlink Wireless speaker

    Highly recommend this one, sound is beefy from such a tiny block of perfection. Battery life is excellent. Very portable. A must have (if you can afford it) or Santa might bring one!
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    Excel spreadsheets with ipad3

    ans I use Quickoffice Pro HD which has Word, Excel and Powerpoint in one package. Check out the basic Quickoffice basic version to trial.
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    Could I use new ipad 3 in UK?

    The iPad has world wide warranty unlike the iPhone so Apple will honour any exchanges/repairs in the UK regardless where it was purchased.
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    has anyone found a portable battery for ipad3?

    in your pocket? You do realise that the iPad is mostly made up of three large batteries. How would a pocket battery recharge the iPad? I have the 12000mAh version and it is completely portable from the point of view that if you have an iPad you probably carry it in a shoulder/back pack so one...
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    Playing avi movies on iPad 3

    Not sure why you would spend hours converting files to another format when all the above play avi directly. AVPlayer HD +1
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    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 and iPad3 on 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0

    rushmore, no-one can answer that BUT I did the JB on my iPad 3 4G without a clean iOS and left all my stuff on there, it went perfectly and no problems afterward. I would give it a go but make sure you have a recent back up, just in case.
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    Best iPad video converter

    Depending upon which format of video you want to watch on the iPad I have found that most can be played without conversion using AVPlayerHD from app store. This plays avi, divx, etc. have a look. If you wantt o rip your DVDs then yes, you will need a converter.
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    Ipad 3 Camera Issues

    Very much a Genius bar thing :-(
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    Eurpean use

    UK has many cheap 'pay as you go' sim deals from most carriers, as do most countries, i.e. Spain, Ireland, etc. Shop around on arrival, T-Mobile and 3 mobile are very good IMHO. Verison iPads will work in Europe but only on 3G as USA uses it's own bandwidth for 4G and this does not match...
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    My ipad 3 settings is nagging me to update to 5.1.1 how do I shut off this nag?

    All reports from iPod2G indicate 5.1.1 is nearing JBreak release stage so update to 5.1.1 is risk free. (iClarified)
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    Computer games for women

    Great idea WhydidIbuyit, not just for women, I cannot stand war games, etc.
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    About itunes?

    If you have your iPad synced to another PC and try to sync with your BF's PC then yes, you will lose all your stuff. You cannot sync to two PCs. You can only add stuff from your iTunes on your 'mother' PC when it is available, sorry if that does not answer your question but I knida got the gist...
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    Movies on iPad?

    If you have avi or dvix movies ripped from your DVDs or other source then I suggest AVPlayer HD from App Store. Plays almost every format and it is simply a case of drag and drop into the folder on the App page of iTunes. I love this App!
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    Ipad 2 glass repair... glitch

    Check all the connections again and if everything is solid I guess you have a faulty replacement screen and the supplier should swap it (unless as previously said, you have damaged a ribbon cable)
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    What brightness is your ipad 3 set to

    Because we like things bright in our user preferences, we like shiny bright things, like iPads, silver buttons, diamonds, a bit like a magpie likes bright things :)
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    Yes, used it on the original iPhone case. That is of course an altogether different horse as the whole surface could be done for blending in.
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    I have used a car paint cutting solution called 'T-Cut' sold in the UK before to almost remove light scratches on Al. Not sure where you are located or if you can get that product. It is a very mild abrasive.
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    Leaving the AppleTV on.

    Leave mine on 24/7. Not had a problem with connection as yet.
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    Free Books And Apps From Sr. ?

    Not sure about Apps, I doubt it but free books are available from this site for starters, :- Project Gutenberg - free ebooks and i am sure there are others. These are all out of copyright ebooks and free to anyone.
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    What brightness is your ipad 3 set to

    Always 100%
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    Free 2 year warranty at John Lewis UK

    Folks, while they have stock John Lewis online and in store continue to offer their 2 year warranty so for the new iPad that is a deal clincher for me. Bought mine at 4am today (I shall claim I was sleep walking if anyone asks why)
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    Buying in the uk not from the apple store

    John Lewis have stock online and give a free two year warranty, cannot beat that!
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    Great Games for iPad?

    Machinarium, one of the most entertaining brain teaser games. Excellent graphics and art work is outstanding.
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    I might be a bit of a crumudgen...

    I spend some of my spare time at work replacing the screens of iPod touches and iPhones at cost price (chocolate and fizzy drink is the nominal fee - yes, I get a lot of chocolate). I laugh every time someone tells me their tales of woe and how they broke it. Almost every one of them is in...
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    Storage and movie downloads

    Your question makes no sense as far as an iPad goes. How could you buy more storage on a fixed sized storage chip on an iPad? I have a feeling you are in the wrong section.
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    ipad 2(16g wifi+verizon 3g) crashed and stuck in recovery mode? help please

    It is off to the Apple Genius Bar for you I am afraid, if another cable or computer makes no odds the it is a hardware problem. Probably nothing to do with the JB and anyway, if it is stuck in recovery loop Apple Store won't be able to restore it either and they will give you a replacement. I...
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    Jailbreak help!

    Have a look here there are clear instructions under the tutorials section :-) Please use our sites help threads
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    Music, Apps and sycing

    To clarify further, iTunes will remember all the settings for each iPad as an idividual machine, it also backs up as independant machines for furture restore purposes. If you or your wife alter your settings, say to only add certain music ablums, particular Apps or books, etc. this will not...
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    Face Time App. NOT FACTORY INSTALLED. How can i install it.

    Me, I would download the latest stock firmware version from here and do a restore using iTunes and see if that loads it. Back up your iPad first. To restore using a firmware version you have...