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  1. J

    Need Help Cant Update Ipad

    Try a different computer Maybe you can accesa computer at work or something. I got on my daughter's netbook and, using a wifi connection to my DSL, it loaded in just over an hour. Jim
  2. J

    Mobile Device Service stopped working and was closed

    Apple support Yes, thanks, I've tried all of those solutions. I just got onto a different computer and downloaded iOS 4.3; however, still get the same message when I try to connect with my main desktop with all of my itune music on-board. Apple support wasn't helpful either. Jim
  3. J

    Mobile Device Service stopped working and was closed

    I keep getting a message on itunes that says my mobile device service stopped working. My ipad doesn't show up on itunes and I can't update to the new iOS or add any music. I have the new itunes version Any solutions?