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    What is your favourite iPad app?

    Tough call but I'll have to go with Flipboard.
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    An App for taking lecture notes??

    1: Remarks by Readdle 2: Notability
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    Remarks by Readdle or Notability. They both do it all. I prefer Remarks due to better categorization ability and truly auto syncing to DropBox.
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    "Must Have iPad apps = ?

    What apps are available for editing creating Word, Excel and PowerPoint? That is what I would categorize as "basic" apps. Thanks!
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    "Must Have iPad apps = ?

    I searched but was surprised not to see a thread for the basic "Must Have apps for the iPad. My 3G/64 just shipped so I'm planning ahead on what to install. Thanks.
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    How to accomplish this... (iTunes ?)

    You can always back it up to "The Cloud" via SugarSync or other. Get something that will give you web access to your files. I use SS to "sync" selected folders and file AUTOMATICALLY between my Desktop PC, TabletPC, iphone and iPad. Works perfectly. Also provides offsite archiving.
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    AT&T 3g pricing question

    Eegads! OK, thanks for your advice. Unlimited it is.
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    AT&T 3g pricing question

    If I opt for the 250MB/month and exceed it, will I have the option of paying the DIFFERENCE between the 250MB Plan and the Unlimited Plan? I realize that I can pay for another 250MB or opt for the Unlimited Plan, I'm just not sure if I can pay the DIFFERENCE between the 2 plans or will I...