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    moving/saving in Bookmarks Bar

    please help - I want to save some bookmarks in the bookmarks bar or move saved bookmarks to the bookmarks bar - the 3-lines icon doesn't let me swipe the bookmark up into the bar which is empty - so how ... ? I'm enjoying the swiping thing btw but I have found a few websites that can't be...
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    hesitant first Apple steps after years of skepticism

    I do indeed love my iPad2 after seeing how much my friends Laura and Jen love their iPads. I am keeping an open mind - having, as a committed PC user, observed the smugness of Apple users over the years and heard all the stories about the superiority of Apple products. There are a few roadblocks...
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    Folders and apps

    Why are a couple of my app icons in a third screen to the right ... I can't seem to move them into the folders where i want them to be. And can I DELETE the iPhone icon - I'm a dedicated Blackberry user?