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  1. J

    Do I need dock?

    Dock works for them who want to be away from the hassles of the wires. It just provides you with a lot more convenience to handle and work, which would not have been so easy with the wires dangling all over. It is not a necessity but just the matter of your convenience and so it would completely...
  2. J

    Time keeps changing

    I think that it might be adjusting itself based on the radio timings or some other sources that follows MST instead of PST and so the iPad might be automatically changing its time to MST or may be it would be adjusting itself according to the day light saving.
  3. J

    iPad App Developer Profits From iPad’s Lack of Alarm Clock

    It is true that iPad doesn't have a good visibly enhanced clock but I don't think that to be the reason behind the large sales of Night Stand HD. The reason is just the people just want their gadget to be full of amusing applications that would be fun to use at anytime. I personally would not...