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    Hello from Mongolia

    Hi. All I recently bought iPad from USA and brought it to Mongolia. Then installed iTunes in my PC started syncing. But I can buy any software due to no account set up yet in the iTunes. Any attempt to open account failed due to Mongolia is not listed in the questionary to be answered for...
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    Jail Break for Ipad 3.2.2

    Any1 knows that when Jailbreak for Ipad 3.2.2 will available?
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    Jailbreak for Ipad 3.2.2

    Hi. where i can find jailbreak for Ipad 3.2.2? is there any1 facing this problem?:confused:
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    Jail Break

    How to jailbreak to my Ipad with OS 3.2.2
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    I updated my ipad software version from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 and then tried to install Jailbreak, it says devise ipad is not supported. So what shoud i do. I restored factory settings but still in 3.2.2. How i can install Jailbreak? Please help
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    Where I can download free games for my ipad

    Hi. All I am new user for iPad and I would like to know where I can find games for my Ipad for free of charge? Yours truly Bayarsaikhan