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    Lost pictures

    Ok thanks.
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    Lost pictures

    I was in photos. I was moving pictures to albums. I hit delete because I thought they were copied in their own album but lost them all albums were empty. On the I Pads home page on the bottom screen next to icon mail and Safari you will see photo icon
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    Lost pictures

    Help! I had all my pictures together. I went to put them in their own files. I hit delete, to get them off my main page and I ended up deleting all of them. Is there a trash bin that I can retrieve them?
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    Adobe Flash

    I tried to download Adobe Flash but it will not let me, says it is not compatible with IPad 2. Any suggestions
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    Voice Command

    An anyone recommend a good voice command for my I pad 2?
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    Sims card to IPad

    Just want to thank you for help. I was able to down load my Quick Books .
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    Sims card to IPad

    Yes it is probably a SD is from my camera not phone. Sorry about that. Thanks for answering my post, I just got this IPad and needing help to understand it and Apple. Another question I need help with... I use Firefox and google chrome on my pc but can't get it on Apple any...
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    Sims card to IPad

    An you tell me how to get my pictures from my sims card to my I Pad? Thanks, first time post.